Changing Halogen to LED Lights for Peugeot 308 II | The DIY Guys

Changing Halogen to LED Lights for Peugeot 308 II | The DIY Guys

Hey guys, here is our newest video on how to change your halogen lamps to LED for the Peugeot 308 II. We’ll be changing the high and low beam light, the reverse lights and license plate lights.

These are the LED’s we’ve used:
High Beam ( choose HB3):
Low Beam (choose H7):
Reverse Lights:
License Plate Lights:

If you haven’t seen our video on how to install a Carplay unit, you can watch it here:​​



Yuan Dong says:

The link you have for high beam does not fit my 2017 308 lol it’s different socket

Dejan Savić says:

Nice work.. how i can change interior lights on roof? Front and rear. Thanks

Chambala says:

hi, please PEUGEOT 308 ACTIVE BLUE HDI S / S 5 DOOR HATCHBACK those LED bulbs will work for me. Thanks

weetek xa2 says:

What you will do in winter with snow on lights? When LED doesnt heat.

Menu Maxi Bitume says:

Hello, do you have error ? Thanks you so much

Krume Cesnoski says:

Excellent work. Pls guys is it possible to change with LED the direction indicator bulbs and fog lamps ? Thank you

Lasse Pfeffer says:

Nice video! I have a 2015. 308 sw. Dont u get Any light errors? Canbus? I only want to change the low beam 🙂

Future Gen says:

Cool! Kunnen jullie de voorlichten ook bij mijne Peugeot doen? Heb ook een 308 maar wel SW versie.

th k says:

diy guys greetings from greece i wish all the instruction videos on yt be like yours exact to the point bravo….i have a question and im wondering if you have find overheating problems?

ptravassos says:

HI DIY guys! Thanks for the video. I have the same car and want to change the low beam, to this Led model.
Do you have any overheating issues in front or back of the lamp? Is it safe for this kind of led, to work with the rubber cover? Cheers from Portugal

Manning Dam says:

Thanks a lot for this video.
However the links in the description don't work as of right now.

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