🇬🇧Citybug Peugeot 107 Door Window Jamming Going Up, Wont Close How To Repair. Aygo C1

🇬🇧Citybug Peugeot 107 Door Window Jamming Going Up, Wont Close How To Repair. Aygo C1

The Window On The 107 Was Jamming When Closing, The Glass Twisting In The Door Frame.
In this video I show how to carry out a quick fix using the silicone spray.

Link to Holts Silicone spray on amazon £3.61 https://amzn.to/2XZVyWm

The More expensive Wurth Silicone Spray £10.99 https://amzn.to/3bTileM

Link to all tools and parts in videos https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/aaanton11



Jordan B says:

Have just had this problem and your fix worked perfectly, thanks for making the video!


Hi! My passenger window is a bit slower at the end while it roll-up, this treatment can help ?

David Norfolk says:

Wish I tried this before spending over £200 to fix the exact same problem!

Gary Philpot says:

Thanks for that, my 107 had the same problem did what you did problem solved

Lorenzo Ras says:

Can you film or give instruction on how to replace the window mechanism? My electric motor stopped working And it looks simple to do but dont want to make it any harder then it is. Some tips? Its stuck closed

Martin Neumann says:

I'm using WÜRTH silicon spray also to care the black matte plastics on the outside, like mirror housings and bumpers. The result is dark black colour… mmmhhhhhh – like new. And it prevents from graying. Greetings from Germany – Martin

Tahir Awan says:

I bet that was a relief and a nice and simple job. Again, thanks for you videos, especially when its the citroen because I have an Aygo.

daz sam says:

Great vid again, i have learned so much about these cars from you and the money that you have saved me on working on my daughters car has been great. when is the next live chat please aaanton11

Garry Nutter says:

Great Video aanton, Will this fix a squeaking electric window ? Thanks

RS MickeyMoo Productions says:

Silicone spray is worth its weight in gold. I use it on loads of stuff. Great for locks, cocks, switches, without having to take things apart. Great video. Get a straw for your spray so you can direct it more accurately.

Andrew says:

Great video and great advice! I'll go and spray mine right now.

Finglish Travels says:

Ever considered adding a second switch to the driver's side ? Thing that annoys me most about my big is the fact I can't controll the massager window from the driver's side

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