The Oldsmobile Aurora Stole An Engine From Cadillac #shorts

The Oldsmobile Aurora Stole An Engine From Cadillac #shorts




@neonthefox3550 says:

Aurora v8 ❌
Auro rave ✅

@shorttrackaction.8217 says:

According to Wikipedia the original design of the Northstar V8 engine was designed by the Oldsmobile R&D. General Motors choice was Cadillac for the Northstar 4.6 Liter V8 engine. Oldsmobile later used a simular designed 4.0 Liter V8 (Aurora V8) exclusively for the Oldsmobile Aurora. The 2nd generation Aurora came standard with the Aurora V8 or was available with the 3.5 liter Shortstar. This was another Oldsmobile engine used exclusively in the V6 Oldsmobile intrigue. The Oldsmobile 3.5 Shortstar was a design from the Northstar as well. The GM engine plant actually had the nickname of the ShortNorth for 3.5 V6.
However die hard Oldsmobile fans chose to go with the nickname Shortstar instead. It's a great everyday engine & very reliable & still many around even today……

@TobuscusSkylander says:

I have a mint autobahn spec aurora top trim, passing it down to my children. It was my dream car!

@pathaze4299 says:

Isn't Cadillac GM? So I don't see how Doug makes it soo surprising that it used a Caddy engine with the little plaque on top…Especially being that Oldsmobile was GM as well..

@bzilla1090 says:

So it was basically trash like the Northstar. The only good engines that ever came out of GM was the LS V8's and the Opel developed C20 engines, those were little monsters.

@Itheman123456789 says:

Thought it was one of the ugliest things ever as a kid who during a time when I assumed every vehicle was essentially a FWD GM 3800. Now I'd rather have this than the STS of the time we had.

@jo_nathan_nation6544 says:

My granny had this same car but in burgundy. Honestly one of the nicest 90s cars I have been in. To put this in perspective. My grandma is now a millionaire and still drives the same car after like 28 years.

@macabo says:

the one word at a time tiktok subtitle crap is so fucking stupid I can't take it

@ConstanceCox says:

Now they litter junkyards where they initially belonged. GM sucks and always will.

@turnne says:

And it has the same head gasket issues that the Cadillac version did

@darkpit1303 says:

Yeah now they're unaffordable lol

@asmith7094 says:

I loved the north star v8. It had reliability issues though. 30 mpg easily and 300hp

@KCLEPilot says:

This was my first car! Absolutely loved that car so much, everything was luxury, so happy to see you finally check it out

@RafaelPerez-se2pz says:

GM – Generally mediocre

@Emppu_T. says:

what a quintessentially 90's design.

@jdcarguy1242 says:

The v6 was called the "short star"

@Smartzenegger says:

Why built a car for the future with a name like Oldsmobile? They should have changed it into Newsmobile instead. 🙂

@Smartzenegger says:

So at the time, this engine was just coming out?

@elmayimbe_the_amateur_mechanic says:

Did it have shitty headbolts though? I would rather have stayed with the blown 3800. Later on, the Pontiac Bonneville GXP got a 4.6 Northstar making 275hp. No idea why they just didn't use the 5.3 small block (300hp) that they put in like 4 FWD GM cars.

@Wheagg says:

And because of this, all GM brands use the same engines now

@Erockfaque says:

I remember a buddy had one and for the day that thing was quick. Still remember thinking it was still ugly back then too.

@jaxonjaxoff3291 says:

This engine was used in IndyCar from 1997-2001 and from 2002-2005 badged as a Chevrolet.

@walter9724 says:

Looks like a mondeo

@antoniettols says:

It was also in indycars of the time. Aaaaaaaand sounded terrible…

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