Replacing the Cluster on a 1988 Oldsmobile Toronado

Replacing the Cluster on a 1988 Oldsmobile Toronado

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Jon Ramsden says:

what was your cluster doing to make you replace it?

HateTheGame69 says:

Did your turn signals still work ? Having same problem but turn signals work still

Miss Kitty Calais says:

That Olds dinger

Myaurora2001 says:

Keep it up man and keep on restoring your Olds!!!!

Miles Hoffmann says:

HI Justin: Nice JOB! I am GLAD you found your CLUSTER!!
Where did you find your CLUSTER??

OLDS98 says:

I was smiling watching you. It reminds me of the clusters I have changed in my Oldsmobiles. The Oldsmobile theme songs being used as you work was interesting too. You stay determined and focused. My cars are in need of work. I have to replace the engine on the Ninety Eight(transmission shop messed it up and it locked up), the Toronado needs three new struts, the ac compressor changed and the passenger window regulator replaced. The Toronado is being driven every day right now with no ac. I was glad to see the cluster light up for you.

frequency flux fandango says:

You know what, I really like your enthusiasm for this (relatively) under appreciated era of cars. Your movie editing is sweet too, with the period advertising jingles, so I subbed a while ago, and I'm glad I did. Too many uploads on any subject, seem to lack real enthusiasm, but yours do NOT have this lacking element ! -I love the way you love your Trofeo my American friend, because yep, it's an interesting car, imo. Cheers from here in Dorset. UK.

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