Olds Rallye 350 Rocket Rebuild – Part 2 – Maximum Power

Olds Rallye 350 Rocket Rebuild – Part 2 – Maximum Power

Nick & Vasilis are in the final stages of assembly with this classic Oldsmobile power plant. Come on into the engine room and watch the guys button down the top of the golden 350.


“Funky Chunk”, “Rocket Power”, “The Lift”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



Rodney Hopper says:

Hey if you're gonna build a rocket three fifty Olds motor first thing you do is get rid of the factory small block heads and put big block four fifty five head's on the three fifty Olds motor and add a performer rpm intake on it with the four fifty five w30 Cam installed

Jack daniels Pittman says:

Mr nick love your show CA you tell me how hard it would be to put a 1970 olds in a 1973 dodge dart sport please just trying to use what I have to drive my car ty

Ernest McCann says:

Awesome vid thanks for sharing.

Jim Catanzaro says:

It would be awesome if someone can make a plastic intake that one is a boat anchor

Craig Badder says:

If olds car,performance is perfect.would be the best.

Craig Badder says:

How much it cost for Nick's garage to rebuild 350 olds rocket for 400 horsepowers???????.

Fljeff7 says:

I like the RPM

Chris Mc. says:

Nick what was the cam specs you chose for this motor? Great build

Erik Kroll says:

If you milled or decked the heads and block, you fucked up bad. The valve train is not right unless you changed the pushrod length. Best thing to do is change to adjustable rockers anyway. Still need the right pushrod length. So many builders get this wrong, along with a bunch of other things with Olds engines.

coppercutlass says:

Probably could have made more power had he shimmed the rocker arm Assemblies and adjusted preload vs installing and going.

Klaas Paas says:

Does anyone know what pitons he used?

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