Frame Repair Time, on my $900 olds cutlass backyard find.

Frame Repair Time, on my $900 olds cutlass backyard find.

I picked up this 1986 olds cutlass supreme Brougham. that had been sitting for 5 years after the owner did not want to fix what it needed, bad oil leak and a rotted frame. well I own it now so lets fix it together. vwnut1967 fixing the paint is here,



Mustie1 says:

vwnut1967 fixing the paint is here

Damian Brennan says:

Lite a match so u can c in the tank

Teddy Stegall says:

One hell of a frame repair man you show quality and pride in your work,, great job I can't see anyone doing a better job. Hands down.

tom nutting says:

great job bringing this car back to life. after all of the work you claimed that it's sticker ready. I haven't checked all of the other comments to see if this has been brought up but…don't vehicles need a catalytic converter in NH? I lived in NH many years ago and worked as a mechanic at a few places and as a state inspector. I was doing it when they first started doing emission testing in the state.

uawsux says:

Tarlyl fixes all not Carol

uawsux says:

There are some stuff Carol fixes all puts in the gas tank and you swirl it around and swirl it around and it seals from the inside give him a call

ludditeneanderthal says:

It can only be an olds… no Chevy has that front cover oil fill, also confirmed by that skinny passenger side oil filter (poncho/olds location/size), and the vertical sump drain… that 50% that cried "Chevy" cant read the blues clues (like the 4 bbl carb, 305 no-no on a g body, while common on a 307), lol

Edit: a Chevy v8 will have a drivers side fat filter, valve cover oil fill, and a horizontal oil drain. A 305 will only have a qjet on a select few camaro/firebird submodels, and the "bad old days" corvettes of the late 70s/early 80s. Another Chevy tell is the "timing chain cover" front cover, and that unique water pump that mounts by only 4 bolts, 2 on each bank, that bridges in front of the timing cover. Every other GM v8 uses a plate type water pump

Fon Hollohan says:

My brother bought one of those way back in the late eighties and he got drunk and let his buddy try to drive him home one night, well, I guess they didn't get to far! His buddy hit a parked car alongside the road so I bought the car and three or four hundred bucks and fixed it up painted her, two toned her black and gold. Sold her for a decent buck. Turn out pretty good for me, It was a good car, and yes, they were prone to rot out in the rear of the frames. btw those valve covers on those olds were prone to leak as well, shitty design if you ask me. cheap thin valve covers they were made too thin. so the metal would deform and cause them to leak like I said shitty design. but over all those cutlasses were nice cars …very comfortable to drive as well.

Tête Dur says:

If I've done one of those 305 engines, I've done a hundred of them. Those things are a chronic oil leak, from everywhere. They're worse than old Harleys. Check your VIN, it'll tell you more specifically what engine you should have.

krav maga says:

an LS swap is lookin simple compared to all those cables and hoses. JESUS, WHO could figure this shit out back then?

Lawrence Pevitts says:

I like your trick with the turkey baster to start syphoning. Sure beats gas in the mouth. Beautiful patch!!

JPVolvo says:

I’d love to do the bar chain oil treatment on my car. Do you think it’s possible to do without air? I don’t have air in my garage. Thanks

Tech It Out says:

I used POR15 (Rustoleum do a simular tank repair) with good results.

Teun La says:

I really like the metalwork video's! Keep up the good stuff mustie!

Anthony Blacker says:

…because it's old like me, and i leak too.. best line ever

dodgeplow says:

AIR is plugged, dual exhaust, no cat, and maybe Flowmasters I see? it isn't bad for a 34 yr old car. I loved this model when it came out.

Don Carlton says:

I remember how Detroit horribly butchered cars in the 70s and 80s to try to comply with the new emissions laws. All those effing hoses!

Joshua Mcpeek says:

You can roll form thick steel cherry red hot over an old trailer hitch ball

Joshua Mcpeek says:

You could wax it with a few coats of wax itll shine alittle bit better and forestall further sun damage

Stuart Conner says:

We know you meant PCV [valve].

Stuart Conner says:

I'd drive that if gas were a bit cheaper.

SmoothBore says:

Back-in-the-day, the old "Sapphire" brand of recycled motor oil was given it's viscosity by the addition of paraffin. Not-so-good for the inside of an engine, … but would work OK for your rust proofing …..

SmoothBore says:

In the beginning bI was skeptical about patching that frame, … but I'm impressed by the result.

Troll With A Purpose says:

Is mold, my cars get that in 3 – 6 months, maple trees are ebil.

Peter Orro says:

I’ve started saying “finagling”!?

rudy thrasher says:

Is your cutlass for sale?

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