BARNFIND OLDS – Will it Run After 23 Years ABANDONED??

BARNFIND OLDS – Will it Run After 23 Years ABANDONED??

Today we bring an abandoned 1972 Cutlass back to life!


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Junkyard Digs says:

Merch has finally returned!! Pre-Order now on

Dave Cain says:

Thanks for this

Christian Rae says:

105,000 Miles worn out? It isn't a Chebby. The Olds 350 is notoriously durable. I have gotten 450,000 km out of the Olds V8.

Muscle Reviews says:

60k for a rebuild lol, I have a 72 supreme with 300k orginial miles

Earl Guyton says:

Who what and where did you get the ridiculous idea that Texas has salt in the air????? Texas is 880 miles long for your information. I grew up on a ranch in Romney texas which is in the middle of Texas and cars never rust there even if theure 60 years old they never rust. Romney is parallel to Fort Worth Texas which in 100 east of Romney and cars never rust there either. Now where I live now in Houston Txas is 34 miles from Galveston Texas. Now cars rust bad in Galveston which is right next to the ocean because of people driving on the sand in where the waves leave salt in the sand on the beaches and the humidity moisture in the air is great and Houston has a high humidity level, but there is no slat in the air. Salt erosion is mainly in the great lakes area in where salt is used on the roads for ice sleet freeze overs where cars rust badly But no place on earth has salt in the air. If salt could evaporate then so could soil and sand. I suppose you think Texas is a town and have no clue of its size of from top to bottom is nearly 1000 miles. My 98 dodge ram extended cab has sat outside here in Houston for 24 years and has no rust at all. Educate yourself. Dont be as some senile old person that believes in tales

Jerry Lemky says:

Awesome car, despite some rust issues. I agree though, a bit pricey.

Uno karpa440 says:

нельзя задерживать дыхание когда делаешь сильное усилие – можно получить инфаркт или инсульт, даже в молодом возрасте!
сильное усилие надо делать на выдохе!

Scott Smith says:

This whole video made me weak in the knees. This is a near clone of my first car in high school,1981, and I so badly want another one. I'm sorry to say if I had known about it beforehand I would have driven from Tulsa to out bid you guys. Exciting video!

Krispy says:

Question would the white gunk in the fuel tank be lead that evaporated out of the fuel while sitting?

JMaddy says:

It matches the pond! Lol that got me

TC says:

Awesome episode

InJayzBraiN says:

1st vid love the content! Just a suggestion I found on the last 3 builds when I wasn't working at an auto parts store that Summit beat rock auto comparing apples to apples parts by a few hundred partly due to free shipping over $100. I also have super fast shipping from them here in the northwest, once was the next day 3pm!

Brian Proffitt says:

GM was where it was at back then

Douglas Fehler says:

Now even though it probly needs a pillar repairs and some rust repairs body work the car was painted befor the hood is a different color still for a c.lasic olds it's probly going to be hard to find one in this good of condition good starter for entry in to the muscle car collecting.

Debbie Bermudez says:

Mr. B. Here ! Rock auto has my vote ! I have a 1970 442 and have had it easy to get what I need. To many toys and need more time !

josh staley says:

you need 3XLT for fans like me

Paul Nunya says:

Where do you guys find your cars?

Eroc Optics says:

350 long stroke?

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