This is a beginners tutorial on how your automotive (134a) air conditioning system works. Hopefully this gives beginners and diy owners an idea of how their system works and how to diagnose certain problems.

AC gauge set and pump kit:

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Antonio Torres says:

Can u drain gas or liquid by pocketing the valves

J & J Acres says:

Good video and nice shop

Kiarash Ertebati says:

Simple and straight to the point
Thank you

Pete Yrigollen says:

Thank u for the info

Sam Pantiliano says:

Call it Refrigerant not Freon. I know u guys only deal with one kind of “Freon” but 134a is a refrigerant. Freon is what non mechanical people call it.

Jimmy Favereau says:

EXcellent. Thank YOU!

Shangrilah M says:

Excellent! Just what I was looking for. Best instructional production on this topic I've seen yet. Helped me a lot.

Saul Licea says:

Replaced the condenser on my car and went to recharge the ac system, pulled vacuum but when I go to put the freon I seems like it doesn't get pulled into the system. Any idea what it could be or what im doing wrong?

number1hinesfeet says:

Thank you so much for caring enough about your fellow man that has to do their own repairs. God bless you. Brad

35jays says:

Thanks for the very informative video. I have not looked yet, do you have a video on checks for the compressor not starting, beside a fuse check?

Christian Daniel says:

What about when low pressure is normal and high pressure is low?

Baja Joe says:

I wish manufacturers would tell customers that ac systems need to be serviced every two years.

Meaning recharged….suck and filled.

I tell my customers that ac systems can naturally leak 1-5% of they’re charge every year. And a biannual recharge is the best way to spot leaks

Anthony Skallet says:

Not sure if this is a question you'd be able to answer with the limited info I have, but I have a question regarding possible short cycling. Just bought a 2018 Mazda3 and have noticed the compressor is kicking on for about 8 seconds then off for ~15 seconds over and over basically on repeat. This is with the A/C set to 69 degrees, low fan speed and recirculation on. The A/C works great, always blows cold, no issues I've noticed anyway. All over the internet I've read that it's both totally normal, while others say it's short cycling. Would this typically be considered abnormal cycling?

J J says:

Thanks dude !

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