2004 Oldsmobile Spark Plug and Wire Change

2004 Oldsmobile Spark Plug and Wire Change

2004 Oldsmobile/Pontiac Grand AM Spark Plug and Wire Change. on this job make sure you have a new wire set if the plugs are older as the boots like to stick to the plugs and brake.



Desmon Logston says:

The only thing that bugged me was that he pulled all 3 of the top ones at once. I was taught to take one at a time.

Routine Kings says:

My car started to have more shake in the inside. Is that normal?

Ryan S says:

That’s the only downside having a 6 cylinder engine that’s front wheel driven the spark plugs at the back are hard to get too

Red Shell says:

Im have a problem put my spark plug back because its won't tight up

dej says:

What tools were used for this job?

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