Saying Goodbye to Nissan

Saying Goodbye to Nissan

Nissan is Going Bankrupt and You Can Get a Great Deal on a Car, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. How to get a good deal on a car. Nissan car review. Is Nissan reliable? Is Nissan a good car? Is the Nissan worth buying? Buying a new Nissan car. Buying a used Nissan car. Should I buy a Nissan? The history of Nissan cars. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.

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⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
2. Cheap Scan Tool:
3. Professional Socket Set:
4. Wrench Set:
5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

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Deibama says:

Worked in Tennessee for 30 years; not much pride in workmanship there.

MarcasswellbMD says:

I'm driving a Tuned AWD CVT Juke and Love it.. I'm at 91K and Have been running all Amsoil CVT Fluid. The Stuff just Holds and Grips and can take Higher Temps too. Scotty is right nissan is and has been making Garbage.. It was to late for me I had already bought the car before I even Knew what a CVT was. I was driving it in sport in mode a lot when I first bought it and liked the Sim Shifting.. Anyway my point is if it was for all the maintenance I did and do, the Catch Can the CVT Cooler, The Inner cooler upgrade and so on.. Nissan Doesn't tell you that in order to keep your CVT Healthy, You Basically have to think of it more like Oil to a Motor. The Fluid is there more for a protectant and you have to do 5 quart Drain and Fills The Middle of every June every Year if you live somewhere hot in the summer that's my Recommendation if you are stuck with a Nissan CVT and payments and out of warranty.. The 80/100 Bucks to do a drain and fill once a year is worth it, especially if you are trying to keep the thing while saving some money for something else Like me.. These cars are put together terribly.. But they do still make solid motors and with some love and know how you can still own a Nissan while having fun in them too.. Finally I do have to say I am very Much looking forward to the 400Z (Save the Manuals..)

Abraham Fabela says:

They're pretty good on there sports cars . Kind of sounds like Renualt as well

Ivan Litus says:

Jeep Wrangler had a welding problem and it was bigger than this.

Connor Nelson says:

You always throw a bad name on nissan, could you tell me about a 2015 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL V6 engine

Sheikh Asad says:

I m. Using nissan wingroad 2007 its still running fine orignal gear and engine

RetroMarioBros says:

It's sad how Apple and GM aren't that far off in terms of quality control, GM and apple sold mostly good cars in the 80s and 90s but now there both making there stuff in Mexico where the quality sucks

Austin Burley says:

Man, $130,000 up in flames. That thing almost killed him and I bet the insurance company said it deprecated by $40,000.

Xagan Quadrant IV says:

Scotty, why do virtually all late model SUVs seem to have protruding mechanical "features" on the rear hatch. Typically they extend out to near to equal to, if not beyond the rear bumpers. This design seems fated to result in multi $1000 repairs even at start stop slow speed bumps from behind, particularly from the higher profile front grills on the large trucks, which rival SUVs in popularity.

Dave C. says:

Bought a new Titan Pro-4x. Love it. Great truck. I looked the Toyotas but the prices on a 5 yr old Toyota where more money for a truck with 80k on it. After doing research, you can find lots of Tundras with issues too.
The market is nuts for trucks right now and i'm very happy I went new. 5 yr/100k warranty.

Cool Dude says:

Putting out an electrical fire with water good luck.

Evan Hamblin says:

Guess what Nissan does know what there doing and do you Scotty really have to criticize every little thing and at least Nissan is trying to fix there problems.

Tyler Chaney says:

I love my Nissans! Frontier and 2 Altimas!

Jim Leonard says:

I had a 2007 Armada, I miss that truck so much. That was the best vehicle I had up to my pilot. I had a 2014 Toyota sienna and could not wait to get rid of it, not because it's a minivan, but because mechanically it was sound, but everything else was subpar. My parents had 2 Avalon's, same thing, mechanically sound, but everything else was pitiful.

My wife has a 2011 Murano and loves it, my mother now has a 2019 Murano and loves it, our friend has a 2016 rogue and loves it, and nobody has had any issues.

John van Arnold says:

Firefighters should know not to put water on lithium, sodium, potassium fire. Releases hydrogen gas which ignites!

John Rend says:

My mom got a Rogue in 2016. She still has it with 65,000 miles. When I changed the oil a few days ago, like half of it was gone because it burns a ton of oil. It has a CVT and it shifts sloppy. I'm amazed it still works.
The power steering whiles but I can't do anything about it since it has that stupid electronic power steering and not a pump with fluid. I was never a fan of 4 cylinder SUV's to begin with but it still goes down the road…for now

frank brown says:

when u have one car that costs $23000 and another $30,000, which would u expect is the better car? comparison is apples and oranges.

Diecast Cars Collector says:

Whatever happened to the second largest (after Toyota) Japanese auto brand….

S - Gaming says:

soctty i repcld timing balst and water pamp and water in cooling , air stop be cool why?

J Hill says:

To bad Musk doesn't make Teslas as well as SpaceX rockets.

Nate Mundt says:

Surprised you didn't use the Elon Musk smoking picture when talking about the Tesla lol

Jim C. says:

Elon Musk is evil, change my mind.

1234ismyname says:



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