Nissan Rogue LED Interior How To Install – 2013+

Nissan Rogue LED Interior How To Install – 2013+

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Compatible with all 2nd Generation Nissan Rogue
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

The LEDs and tools used in this tutorial can be purchased at

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Jay Beegz says:

Do you have a guide for a sunroof version? Has two rear dome lights next to the handles.

SinsErased says:

Would this work for a 2017 Rogue Sport?

Bryan Delisle says:

Hi I was wondering the bulb number for the vanity light

Ferrari Carguy says:

Bro, Little Problem, How replace map lights…?

Amrit Roopnarine says:

Ty I needed thus

Nathaniel Moore says:

What about lights by grab handles on sides above rear doors? My 2015 has push button on off and I think they are both worn out from the kids leaving them on all the time

rene vega says:

Thank you very helpful

Carlos Peña says:

Hello. I have a 2020 Nissan Rogue with panoramic roof and would like to change the cargo light that is located up in the ceiling rather than in the side below, as shown in the video. Do you guys know how to access to this bulb? I would appreciate your help

Jason Ross says:

What about the resistance issue? The LEDs are lower resistance so can trigger the “bulb out” warning. Is that not an issue here? Maybe Precision LEDs have an internal resistor?

Rio Morales says:

Do u have the same kid for a 2018 roug

Victor Montuori says:

How about LED for the brake lights?

YungHuncho says:

Will it work for 2019 SL

HeyFran says:

Would this work for the Nissan Rogue 2019 ?

2fast4u says:

Why would anyone want to put a bright led in a vanity mirror? To blind themselves and not able to see anything in mirror

Julian Bulatao says:

Anyone know how to do the glove box

Nadim Rahman says:

For 2017 SV AWD, the cargo light is not in the same place as shown in the video. Do you have any video for that???

ZombiesOnly01 says:

What is the name of the led light bulb for the interior

REX719 says:

Why can't Nissan install when they make them,, they so dam cheap

Eric Goldenberg says:

I tried to pry out the 2019 Nissan Rogue reverse light and it won’t come out took out all three screws and it won’t budge I don’t want to break anything on it. Any suggestions?

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