Nissan Rogue (2008 – 2021) – New Battery Install

Nissan Rogue (2008 – 2021) – New Battery Install

Learn how to install a new battery in a Nissan Rogue. We’ll show you how to replace/change/remove with simple tips and tricks to help get you started!

Tool List: 10mm wrench

Although this video may provide you with the basic procedures for a 2008-2021 Nissan Rouge, we recommend that you check with the vehicle manufacture’s step by step instructions found in service/repair manuals for the vehicle you are working on because some year/model procedures may be different than the 2019 Nissan Rogue in this video.

The battery in this video is a Group size H5. Check with your specific make/model/year/trim to confirm your battery size.

Even if your vehicle did not come with an AGM battery, you can upgrade to an AGM battery for up to 2x the life. AGM can be found at most retail outlets. You can learn more about AGM here:

The use of a memory saving procedure will keep the memory alive on the vehicle’s computer during the battery replacement procedure. Referring to our Memory Saving video will provide you with various memory saving procedures that can be used according to vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.

Some late model vehicles must have the 12 volt battery registered with the vehicle’s Battery Control Module or Computer after replacement. See these videos on Battery registration and coding for more details on the procedures at &

Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with or near batteries.



Ryan C says:

My new battery is too tall by about 2 inches compared to the original battery lol

Corey Wilner says:

Just a note that I was able to change out the battery in my 2017 Rogue SL without a memory keeper using the Wal-Mart Group 35 size Maxx Everstart 640 CCA (Maxx-35n). Wal-Mart site said it would not fit my car but on a whim I went to the store and the book there said it would (and it's a higher CCA rating). It installed without any issues and I seem to have not lost any settings on the seat nor the radio.

Barry Burke says:

Stupid Nissan OEM design. They force you to use their factory crap design underpowered 525CCA replacement. One J bolt strap shorter than the other. Walmart Maxx 35 660CCA WILL NOT FIT (too tall). H5 is the REAL battery type for a Nissan Rogue. Now I have to return it at Walmart. Waste of time!!!! This video is worthless giving anyone real advice.

Samuel Yuen says:

We have a 2016 Rogue. What happens if we don't have or use a memory saver? Is there a car radio anti-theft reset code I need to deal with? Do I need to worry about the car idling high for a couple of days? That kind of stuff. Anything else I need to worry about?

404 not found says:

Excellent video! I just did the battery on our 2017 rogue but I used 3/8 power wrench with a 10 mil. I have a memory saver but never use it as this is not a high end vehicle and no problems with the settings afterwards. DYI tip> the battery is a little under powered for all the modules on this vehicle, replace it with A 640 cca battery. Same group size and it fits in the tray perfectly.

marco says:

What battery should I get for a 2017 Nissan Rogue

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