Nissan Quest 2006 DIY repairs

Nissan Quest 2006  DIY repairs

2006 Nissan Quest, replacing fender and bumper and headlight from a minor accident. part used are from 2004 nissan quest.



@Billy-gr4vi says:

What was purpose of this video? It dont show u anything

@L9ie says:

I wish you could've showed the steps

@elnesto408 says:

More details please. I would like to see the tools are required and removal and replacement of each part.

@nilsonlb says:

Pendejo no enseƱas nada jajajajajja

@junemillar8460 says:

I'm sorry sir I just don't have a tripod to hold my phone. and I was actually not gonna video this but, I just want to show everybody that it can be done.

@SueEllenLLawton says:

Disappointed that you didn't actually show how you did, but just before and after. Would have been helpful to see each step and the order in which you took everything apart and put it back together.

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