Nissan Lannia | Process of car restoration. (front crashed)

Nissan Lannia | Process of car restoration. (front crashed)

This car Nissan Lannia had a serious front crashed after drove 30KM.
We spent 2 months time to repair this car.
waiting for the parts and engine arrived almost spend a lot of time.
If you asked the driver whether worth to repair. Definitely yes from his answer.
Check out the video
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Anil G says:

This was amazing, so impressed.

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

Amazing work but this was most likely sold to a junkyard after being totaled by an Insurance Company I feel bad for the person that made by this car it's not safe you see how the chassis was bent

HK says:

Excellent and clean job❤

David Bahena Hernandez says:

como se llama la herramienta que utilizaron para medir la distancia de un punto a otro punto

SwarmHammer says:

You really want to love your car to go through such an intensive restoration

apexsw20trd says:

Take this same damaged car to an American body shop and it will take them 5 months to finish, take to a Chinese repair shop 1 week or less.

RayNLA says:

“Low miles, one owner, we finance”

Anthony says:

How much would something like that cost someone to get it rebuild ?

Konstantin says:

Well, this car is not good for the road!

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