Nissan frontier frame repair

Nissan frontier frame repair

Trying to fix the frame on the new truck

Auto repair fabrication welding scrap scrapper scrapping trash to cash DIY



larry oneal says:

Bert you are a very good shadeTree mechanic. We had an old Chevy that was trusted out so bad we had plywood in the floorboards to keep our feet from dragging

Kevin Monroe says:

How's grandma doing Bert she gonna be ready for blueberry picking

Udont Needtoknow says:

That's an older frontier. Not a new one. Just look at all that rot underneath. Not to mention the old paint job and decals.

Billy Chinowith says:

Damn great job

john deepfreeze says:

the rust and paint should have been ground away before you welded it

Nick Mad says:

Thanks Bert

WhyWouldITellYouMyRealName says:

My favorite part was the ball pein jack stand

queenstown kid says:

these are my favorite videos …thanks bert

Blades of Glory Lawn Maintenance says:

Hell yeah, great job Bert!! Keep up the great videos brother!

Geoff T says:

Bert vs rust! Good stuff.

Travis Snyder says:

I have the same truck with 33000 miles no rust just needs a gas tank if anyone knows where one is for a v6

Kinnetic Landscaping says:

That was Brand New on The Lot at one point – Someone Paid big $ for it . Getting Old Trucks for Cheap and Fixing them up is what I do as well ! Brand New Trucks Break Down as well – and The Dealers laugh at you when you need a rental. Buy Old and Cheap and Fix Ourselves . Great Video Bert !

Patrick Pratt says:

When the apocalypse happens everyone knows to make it to Bert’s in order to survive.

Robby Hill says:

You need to call your Minister. Your Nissan has Cancer…..

Gerald Tarrant says:

Would the road salt eat through that truck bed liner that some people will coat their undercarriage in?

Barry Lonyai says:

HI Bert great frame work repair video you are very very smart and you know what you are talking about . just stay safe bro .

39gadget says:

I'm not going to lie but the beginning of this video is a little bit kinky creepy. (in a funny way though!!)


Nicely done Bert!!!! It has a chance!!!!

Stephen says:

Great video Bert, it just amazes me what you do with these trucks.

Ven Detta says:

Leave it like that.. it's perfect for you. Fits right in with all of your other vehicles…

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