How to Replace Wheel Bearing 13-19 Nissan Sentra

How to Replace Wheel Bearing 13-19 Nissan Sentra

In today’s video I’ll show you how to remove and install a wheel bearing, or wheel hub assembly for your Nissan Sentra, this should work for sentra’s between 2013 and 2019. The symptoms you’ll experience with a bad wheel hub assembly or wheel bearing is like an airplane noise when going straight down the road, and a grinding noise while going straight down the road. If it’s only when you hit the brakes, that’s more likely a brake issue and not your wheel bearing. also it’s common for the noise to go away when turning left or right, that’s another hint that it’s a bad wheel bearing. this wheel hub assembly also fits a Chevrolet City Express, Nissan Leaf, and Nissan nv200, so the replacement procedure for these vehicles may be very similar as well.

the wheel bearing you’ll need for today…

axle nut sockets…

Other stuff I commonly use in these videos…
Milwaukee Ratchet:
Regular Ratchet:
Milwukee Impact:
Socket Set:
Socket Extension:
Floor Jack:
Jack Stands:
Wheel Chock:
Permatex Rtv/Silicone:



Gavin Dhillon says:

Mine has play at the 3/9 positions/side to side. That would still be wheel bearing eh?
Tierod doesn’t move when I am shaking the tire either

Michael Brown says:

One of the things to add here in the comments, be sure to use axle grease before sliding it back on and always use a new cotter pin after tightening the axle bolt, both are cheap and easy to get from any auto store.

Tito Pacifico 169 says:

I went to rockauto, front "left" bearing & Front "right" my options are. But other options are Rear and front it neither said left or right. Do I Need to get left and right ? I'm doing both sides. my email.
Do my bearings need replaced if I hear a grinding when coming to a stop? ABS is malfunctioning now n then also.

Alejandro Gil says:

Broke that sensor with the wheel hub dust cover

romeo orit says:

How to by rear spindle bearing nissan sentra Aidan 2008 model

Brittany Lawrence says:

I gotta change mine this weekend. I used rock auto to get the wheel hubs. Gonna change the brakes and rotors too while I'm at it lmfao

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