How to Replace Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid Valve 2010-17 Nissan Sentra

How to Replace Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid Valve 2010-17 Nissan Sentra

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Vapor purge valves are an important part of the EVAP system that allow the contained fuel vapors to be released into the combustion chamber under certain conditions. Modern purge valves are controlled by the vehicle’s computer system, and electronic solenoids. Failure of the valve or the control solenoid will result in an emissions trouble code that could prevent passing emissions testing. This video shows you how to install a new vapor purge valve or purge valve solenoid on your 2010-17 Nissan Sentra.

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This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
2013 Nissan Sentra
2014 Nissan Sentra
2015 Nissan Sentra
2016 Nissan Sentra
2017 Nissan Sentra
2018 Nissan Sentra
2019 Nissan Sentra

Tools you will need:
• 10mm Socket
• Trim Tool Set
• Ratchet
• Cloth Rags
• Pick


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Billy Morris says:

I searched nv2500 emissions and this came up first. Amazed it could be this far off and still Nissan.

Gilbert Salazar Jr says:

Where is the canister purge valve located on a 2016 Nissan Sentra? Thanks in advance.

Coby DeMello says:

Would this work for 2016 Versa ?

Jeremiah Aragon says:

What do you call that plastic hose in the middle of the canister?

David Singer says:

Don't lose that 10mm, lol.

Luigi Vlogs says:

Do younknow the part number please I can't find it

Chriz Florez says:

I’m having a P0456 code for my 2010 Infiniti. The hose you’re taking on and off, the other end connects to a plastic piece. Is that piece suppose to be loose? Bc it’s very loose on mine and I’m assuming that’s what’s causing the code

Luigi Vlogs says:

Hello can you tell the part number please for this part

Lex Soft says:

Wrong.. it is Evap Canister Vent control valve which is placed near the canister.
The Purge control Solenoid valve is placed on the engine compartment, near the intake manifold. There are two other components related to it on the engine comparment :
1. Evap canister purge Volume control valve
2. Evap canister purge control valve


So this works without resetting the computer?

Jose Contreras says:

Is it from the front or back of the car???

Child Of Adam says:

Was that the front or back of the car.

Marcus Darnell says:

Great video! Does this procedure apply to a 2019 Nissan sentra

Abdul Brooks says:

Very easy repair after watching video, thanks. But link above is very high for part, can get on eBay for 20.00

Alex Munoz says:

Thank God for people that take their time to post this information and pass on the knowledge they’ve learned!

David Rojas says:

Will that cause the car to mist

Ripptyde Vibes says:

Title states this is a purge valve, but its actually a vent valve

Roy Salinas says:

Does this prevent the gas from back pressuring when filling up?

Harry says:

Please where does the big hose on it go? The atmosphere or back to the gas tank?

Honcho Alex Medina says:

Is it the same for a versa

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