How to Replace Tie Rod Ends on a Nissan Xterra

How to Replace Tie Rod Ends on a Nissan Xterra

This video demonstrates replacing the outer tie rod ends on a Nissan Xterra.

Left outer:
Right outer:

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TubeYou says:

Nice Castle nut.

vlad stefan says:

Does anyone know what the count would be on average when rotating the tie rod end ?

marvin jacobs says:

An aftermarket tie rod could be a little longer or shorter than the factory tie rod , so pay attention to tire wear and how the car tracks l, you still might have to have a front end alignment

Lucas Newland says:

Hey, love the video, has a question hopefully you could answer for me. I just replaced my inner and outer tie rods on my 05 xterra, and after I finished the camber on my wheels was wayyy out of line. Do you know if something relating to the tie rod install could have done this and if an alignment will fix this?

Carlos Torres says:

nice video thank i did my todays thanks again

none of my business says:

Not sure if you'll have any ideas about this, but thought it would be worth a try.

My 2008 xterra has a loud clunk that comes from the front passenger wheel assembly ONLY when turning sharply left (not necessarily hard over) AND hitting a large bump, like a rolled curb. If I'm crawling, I don't get the clunk, so I have to hit the rolled curb with some speed. I noticed it when pulling a u-turn to park, and my right front tire bumped up onto the rolled curb while turning pretty much hard over left.

This happened before I replaced the following parts and still happens now. I've replaced sway bar links, inner and outer tie rods, shocks, and springs. It has original UCAs and I believe the lower ball joints were new when I got it 50k km ago.

It's a metal sounding clunk, so not bump stops. I dont get any other noises when driving, hitting bumps when going straight or turning right, or even turning easy to the left. My thoughts, due to the direction of force when the tire hits the rolled curb while turning hard left, is that there is inward force on the lower part of the tire (outward on the top), coupled with a jarring force knocking the hub assembly upwards, that it's one of the 2 ball joints.


Thank you. Your instructional videos are great BTW

Bob Janikowski says:

A $20 ball joint separater from harbour freight makes easy work of this job and any ball joint for that matter

Thomas Bremehr says:

Wondering how similar this process is compared to an 08 pathfinder?

Tmac1979 FL says:

I have 2008 Xterra. Your videos are the bees knees

Tmac1979 FL says:

Great footage, yet again. Greetings from Riverview, FL.

Antonio Araiza says:

You make it look so easy to do, thank you.

John Leitner says:

with the money you saved doing it yourself ,you should get some decent tools and throw your shifter in the bin

NYC girl says:

Hi Ry I have a lot of corrosion under my 02 Xterra. The front rods that connect to the wheels are very corroded. Im selling the truck & I want to make sure its safe for the next owner. A few weeks ago a brake line broke, the petal went to the floor. I had this repaired (430$) & this is when I found out the bottom was very rusted, corroded. My question is how would I fix this? The rods that come from the wheel & connect I'm assuming to steering need to be replaced. Its a 2002 we bought from the dealer in 2003 & we never did anything to cause the rust/corrosion. The Xterra looks new. Thanks for any help you can give us

Heriberto Castaneda says:

thank you are helping me a lot with my truck Greetings from Oklahoma city

Jeff Searles says:

You able to do a video on ball joints or have some helpful info on it

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