How to Replace the Rack and Pinion in a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

How to Replace the Rack and Pinion in a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

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Hey everyone, in this video I show you a step by step guide on the 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. I will be removing the rack and pinion and preparing for replacement in this video. This is a fun removal and has a twist at the end. This twist is that on the Nissan Pathfinder you must have a Toyota enhanced diagnostic tool to remove the VSC code at the end. I did do some research and you can remove all the codes on the vehicle but you must have a code reader that can do “enhanced” skills. Thank you, everyone, for watching my video, make sure you leave your comments and questions down below. Also if you enjoyed the video and it helped you hit that subscribe button for more videos like this one! Thanks again, everyone!!

————————-Parts Used in Video————————-
Basic Mechanic Tool Set-
Rack and Pinion-

————————Contents of Video—————————–
0:00 Intro to Video
1:22 Putting the vehicle on Jack Stands
2:52 Start of Repair, Tire is Removed
4:50 Removing the Rack and Pinion

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Shane Broussard says:

How long did it take to take it out and replace it?

David Bryant says:

Fixing to be doing a 2005 murano the steering wheel when you turn it at a certain it’s feels stripped the steering wheel turns and not the wheels on one certain spot is that the rack?

Tyler Ball says:

Great video and thanks a ton for the advice, but just so everyone is aware that is watching this if you have a 4wd model the front dif makes things real interesting.

311mdub says:

Hey man, so my driver wheel is tweaked in, passenger normal.. my inner tie is bad on driver.. lower control arms and wheel bearing look fine. Should I replace both side lower/upper/sway bar etc? On a 2012 xterra

javier garcia says:

Hi I was wondering what was the need to replace this part like what was the problem I’m having vibration on my frontier and can’t track it down did tie rods and wheel bearings seem fine

Sophia Francis says:

Where and how much did u pay for the rack and pinion?

bobby digital says:

Liked….bout to tackle this in an 05 xterra….you didnt have to drop the front diff or driver side shock?

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