How To Replace Nissan Sentra Tail Light Assembly (2013-2019)

How To Replace Nissan Sentra Tail Light Assembly (2013-2019)

I show how to remove/install the passenger tail light assembly on a Nissan Sentra. Car in the video is a 2017 model, other model years/trims might be slightly different but the basic process is the same.



Abraham Abraham says:

Thank you for the video.

Tammila Smith says:

Thank you so much for this video. I've had my taillight assembly for a year doubting or thinking it was to hard. Quick and easy no complications.

ThePetar367 says:

You make it so easy to slide off tab and one slide off it's holding on to it for dear life

Nat´s Ariat says:

Take your like buen hombre

Bluntzy D says:

Do I have to unplug the battery or anything else before doing this?

coco1124 says:

I will be replacing the assembly on my 2015 altima. Very similar. Mechanic wanted to charge $300 or more. No thanks. I'll do it myself! Great video!!

Hailey Moscatelli says:

You make it looks so easy! Thanks!

Amir Sarboland says:

Thanks dude.

Maximus says:

The process for changing the entire unit should be relatively the same for a 2017 Nissan Maxima correct? (8th Gen)

Unoriginal DnA _ says:

Mine will not slide out. Im prying it off but it keeps cracking, something in the back is holding it…

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