How To Replace Lower Control Arm – Nissan Quest

How To Replace Lower Control Arm – Nissan Quest

Buy Beck Arnley Front Left Lower Control Arm 101-6558

Buy Beck Arnley Front Right Lower Control Arm 101-6559

This is a video of changing the lower control arm on my 2004 Nissan Quest.

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Gabriel Suarez says:

What are the symptoms for bad arms, something is definitely up with my 07 Quest.

Philip Donovan says:

Yup, this video guided me toward a successful ball joint job on the right side last summer, now, it will guide me towards a successful job on the left side this weekend, because the left side is completely shot! Great vid, thank you – Phil Donovan

Trenton Free says:

In the life of my 2007 quest your videos have helped me immensely. I’ve used 5-6 if not more to directly help issues I’ve been having.

Your attention to detail is so helpful

Thank you.

Dick Richardson says:

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Julio Cintron says:

Hey I have a 2004 Nissan Quest I know you read your comments I need some help my mechanic told me that the control arms on the back need a new Bush and wouldn't it just be better to replace the control arms themselves and are the control arms replacement in the video the front or back so would you be able to help me find the back control arms online I have seen so many images I just don't know which ones are they so I can order them

juandenz2008 says:

Good tutorial. That suspension design seems quite simple to replace parts. Especially the way the ball joint fits is simpler to my Nissan G20.

Smooth Operator says:

Are MOOG suspension parts any good?

Smooth Operator says:

What should I do if the ball joint is stuck or seized in the steering knuckle?

erictello1 says:

Any tips on how to press that ball joint back in? Great video by the way, very helpful. Thanks

Haplo says:

btw, how did the beck/arnley control arm hold up? I bought one for my own car.

J F says:

Just wanted to say thanks for making this video. I just installed mine today on a 2006 with 72k miles after failing inspection. It took about 2hours total. i found a set of Moog LCA on summit racing, total cost with shipping was $116! great price. Thanks again!

Joel Langlois says:

really appreciate the time you took to make this video is has saved me money and a headache. thanks

steven delgado says:

Can somebody tell me where to go ro show me how to change my bearings dor a 1992 nissan quest. Every time igive the year to my vehicle i get how to fix wvwry year but mine

Smooth Operator says:

Does this also apply to 2008 Nissan quest minivans?

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