How to Replace Front Brake Pads & Rotors 12-19 Nissan Versa

How to Replace Front Brake Pads & Rotors 12-19 Nissan Versa

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace your own worn, squeaky, fading old front brakes. This video is applicable to the 14 Nissan Versa.

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Fgk styx says:

So take off the axel nut or not?

brian lunsford says:

thanksman breaks went out this morning , watched the vid and boom back in bizz thanks

David Ramey says:

Basically once the wheel is off, to put on new rotors and brakes you have to turn 4 bolts. Shops are getting hundreds in labor for turning 4 bolts. I know I’m downplaying it and I understand a large part of that cost is cost of doing business but man things are so out of hand.

You’ve helped me service many of my cars now over the years. I’m really grateful for you proving this service.
I tell everyone I know about your company and channel

lvgoose says:

Do we need to put on brake parts lubricant?

Effeoj nedib says:

Thanks for your video. Easy instructions so I subscribed. I've done my own brakes on every vehicle I've owned since 1976. Never done a Nissan, so wanted to see before I attempted. All good. Thanks again !

Alex Saylor says:

Love your commitment to high quality videos! You deserve all the business in the world.

Nyron says:

No antiseize/ copper lube?

Richard Diaz says:

1a auto is the best

Michael J. Kupec says:

Do you still need to have new rotors turned before installing them? Our 1990 Voyager Grand Caravan ALWAYS needed new rotors every 25K miles. Design flaw as dodged/chrappler just used original K-car rotors for a vehicle that was 1.5 times heavier.

Caleb Tyler-Combs says:

Thank you for all you help I am putting my breaks on for the first time by myself.

sickpuppyz says:

bought a 2016 Versa new. at the 5 year mark I have 14,000 miles and just needed clutch replacement ( no, we did not abuse it). Mechanic also told me the starter is making a noise and the front pads and rotors need changing. I passed on the starter and rotors/pads. I watched this video and will do it myself. I will most def. buy the pads/rotors from A1 – this video is worth any price difference I may get somewhere else – not that I check pricing anywhere else. they cost $79.95 so how much of a diff can there be??

Ryan Earl says:

I enjoyed the video but this was more of an advertisement for this businesses more than anything.

Lance Uppercut says:

Thank you so much for the video. It was extremely easy to understand and I had no problem changing my front brakes. Thanks again. 🙂

dpfitness23 says:

Just completed my 2016 Nissan Versa. This video was truly a money saver. If anybody is having doubts.. DONT WORRY!…. It really was very simple and fun.

D.A. Hänks says:

This is a pretty simple job once you've done it. I do the rotors so infrequently that I need to refer back for the correct socket size. It's good though, they shimmy enough that they're never frozen in place on me when I have to change them, LOL. They just fall right off. It takes longer to jack the car up and pull the tires than it does to do the brakes.


I had to double check the lug nuts, they look backwards because the nylon ring goes towards the wheel. I guess they’re supposed to be like this 12:28

Tyrus MF Rechs says:

Looks like I'm missing pad return springs. Is that an issue?

FYI I was looking for source of squealing brakes. I have plenty of pad and rotors still good. Seems like a little glazing so was cleaning the dust off.

Could the lack of pad return springs be the cause squealing?

KravDr says:

You really have excellent videos. Thank you! I noticed you replaced the rotors… is it better to do so, or cost?

Mark Hogan says:

Those thumbs down folks….I dont think they work on cars…probably horse and buggy folks….

Mark Hogan says:

Very detailed…nice job

Ever Sánchez says:

What's a fair price for this job here in Los Angeles, California?

Drew Bork says:

I never even put the bushing back in my guide pin on my Sonic because it wasn’t letting the pin slide smh these designs nowadays lol

Drew Bork says:

Thanks for the video not my car just wanted to make sure I had it down an to the specs lol

Ruby Rodriguez says:

I got my brakes changed and he told me I needed new clips but didnt install them does that affect anything??

Anthony says:

I love your videos. I'm a first time DYI auto mechanic and I have learned so much. Thank you for all you do.

y tony says:

How much foot pound is used to tighten the screws?

Stephane Potvin says:

You have no idea how long I have been looking for torque specifications. Thank you!

Corlyn B says:

Way he does here NOT a good idea!.You don't want that old dirty cooked fluid to enter in to newer models abs modules. You should have a tube attched to bleed valve, open beeder valve and dump old fluid into a container when pushing the caliper piston in. This way was fine in the 60's 70's 80's but not with the invent of abs. Another tip use a kitchen turkey baster to take old fluid out of master cylinder and refill with new fluid before starting. MOst new manufacture recommened brake fluid replacemt every 10K while pads last 40/50k or more, so you should replace 100% of the brake fluid as part of any brake job.Even if only doing one axle, replace fluid to all 4 wheels.

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