How To Install LED Interior Light in Car Nissan Quest 04

How To Install LED Interior Light in Car Nissan Quest 04

578 Bulb LED Light (Nissan Quest Dome & Map light)

194 Bulb LED Light (Nissan Quest door Light, and it’s used on many other vehicles)

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Mert Cömert says:

I want to change car interior lights from incasdent lambs to led lamps but when door is closed led lamps is still slightly blinked.
How can I prevent it?

nhartdesigns says:

Thanks for the info! Just saved my life, I was at a total loss!

Evan Dow says:

should i be aware of different plugging ports for european makes?  i own a european.

Kenji Almonté says:

Will they fade slowly when you close the doors?

Danny Nguyen says:

Thank you for the response.

Danny Nguyen says:

My fuse blew after putting in the doorway led. Do you know why?

Marcos Valega says:

10x 42mm 16 LED Car Interior White SMD 3528 Dome Light Lamp Bulb 211-2 578 212-2

DustyTheTaco says:

Where did you get the LED lights?  Maybe a link?

Rknee Gordon says:

My lights don't come on at all. The passenger window stopped working and a few others things have stopped. Do you think the BCM (Body Control Module) might be the culprit? 

Wallace Rose says:

Do the led bulbs work if there is a dinner or dimming controller in the circuit? You cannot dim those leds, can you?

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