How To Install a Light Bar on a Nissan Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder

How To Install a Light Bar on a Nissan Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder

Today we have a fun project! We install a 22 Inch light bar into the bumper of the Xterra! I bought the harbor freight 22 In. Spot/Flood Combo LED Light Bar. I am installing it on a 2005 Nissan Xterra but the process should be very similar to the Frontier and the Pathfinder. Thanks for watching!

Here are the links to the items I use in the video:
Light bar:
H11 Extenders:
Body Clips:

Find the parts used in this video here:
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Intro: (0:00)
Fitting the light: (2:02)
Drilling the holes: (5:50)
Installing the light: (15:48)
Wiring the light: (18:39)
Plugging it into the X: (20:05)
Testing it out: (22:48)
Outro: (24:03)

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mattyt96 says:

Ry. Do you have a video about the roof off road lights and where the fuse and circuit are for that?

geoff russell says:

Hi Ry, great video. The light looks great, but does it reduce air flow to the rad? Now that you've had the light bar on for a few miles, have you noticed any difference in engine temperature?

Kay Beane says:

Love it thanks.

Illeagle80 says:

How has the bed liner paint held up on the bumper and grill?

Bryan R. Jones, MA, RN says:

Hi, where did you get your external gas cap holder?

Jroscon says:

How to reduce the 25 % air flow from you radiator.

Rafael Berrios says:

Hello Ry the car guy, sorry to post it on this video but, do you have a video or can point me to a video that shows how to replace the a/c expansion valve on a R51 (2010) Pathfinder ? Any help will mean a great deal.

Stefin Dabulewicz says:

Would be better to relay into the fog light system and have it pull power directly from the power system on its own fused connection

Marty WOOD says:

ry the car guy YOU ARE A BAD ASS !!!!!!!!

Kevin McCormack says:

Maybe swap those headlight assemblies. My set has dual h1 led fan units. The lightbar is great but those street lights need about 4x the lumens!

Ken says:

where did u get the black out headlights for your year?

K S.O.P. says:

Great but what do I do with the license plate?

Micah says:

Hey Ry, how many miles does your '05 xterra have on it now? Its looking great!

faisal alamri says:

nice job and thank you for sharing..i fix led bar in my xterra same place but with different brackets (modified).
but im just wondering if you need an electrical relay to avoid the high current pulled by led bar??
did you ithink it will not effect car ecu in future ??
hope you get my point.
thank you for sharing again

Jay says:

you're awesome dude, link us those body clips so i can buy about 50 of them lol

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