Link to get Dealership Workshop Manuals for ANY CAR:

In this video I show you exactly where you can find the dealership workshop manuals for most cars to perform any service or repair at home with detailed STEP BY STEP instructions!


The guys at EMO told me to ignore anything that says 1 year. It is not limited to a year, all manuals are lifetime.

NOT All manuals are virtual machines like I showed in this video. I apologize but some come in different formats. If you need any support in how to view/install EMO will provide with no issues.

There ARE a few limited TOYOTA models. Search the word Toyota instead of going to the list of cars. I saw manuals for a Yaris and Venza.

IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE JUST REQUEST A REFUND. If there is any trouble just ask me and I will contact them directly. I want a good transparent relationship between my viewers and this service so if there are any issues just let me or EMO know. Thanks!



@TheTiltedOne says:

ya cool. This website is missing the last 12 years of camrys.

@rogerwoodard7867 says:

Anyone know how to get service manual for 2013 challenger rt manual trans? Need badly

@aptechknowledge says:

Is this a one time cost or a monthly subscription?

@travislee5044 says:

Hello. Is emauals still a good source for shop manuals?

@ray8380 says:

Link doesn't work

@Myxgrassxisxgreenest says:

I found this video very depressing. Mazda's manuals are complete garbage. Whoever wrote the instructions barely spoke English, and the line drawings are undecipherable in critical places. Is this really the best there is?

@rbautista7 says:

Does this also include electrical schematics for cars ?

@roadonelogistics9622 says:

The link of the virtual machine is not compatible with the new MacBook Software ( Sonoma 14.3. ) Check your software before you pay.

@evinchester7820 says:

I purchased from eManuals over two weeks now.
Still haven't gotten the thing to work.
And I've been dealing with them for close to two weeks to get it fixed.
I'm getting tired of this.

@mangomcpoo475 says:

What a load of shit, they don't have a landcruiser 79series manual, like the most common work/farm one here in Australia

@skinnladen says:

"any car" my ass

@ShazammtheProducer says:

LIES Dont believe this guy its just a manual for your car lol LIES

@nathanjaroszynski6210 says:

dealers should provide them for free. It's their fault if the car breaks down.

@jared7743 says:

I downloaded the giude for my tahoe and it is in fact a pdf file. The email that i was sent only had a download for the manuel. There was no vm platform to download. I am very disappinted. This manuel is nothing like you described in your video. Maybe i am missing something. Please help.

@sp88tips says:

Hey Bro, what about wiring diagrams?

@rob41137 says:

Does their VMWare Player run on macOS?

@flintmaloney3143 says:

I can't seem to find a manual for the 2017 Jeep Wrangler. It looks like it stops at 2016.

@calverttaylor1293 says:

Um ok, holy crap. Thank you for posting this!! This helps me soooo much you have no idea. I have so many vehicles to fix but we live in an age that is getting rid of books. Thank you so much. Also, some more Corey Chase videos would be cool just sayin….
One Love! 😉

@AussieDingoAzza says:

Mate. This video has just answered my prayers. You're God sent. Bless you mate. You're a fn legend!

@sergiikalinichenko7442 says:

For $36.99 I was given a 94.27 MB PDF file with a generic Honda Manual. The whole thing is a scam!!

@adriannyasia says:

I just ordered the ultimate Mercedes package and its WIS (which I already have).

@christophertownley6734 says:

Terrible. Loving the sound of your own voice is not what YouTube is for

@curiosity2314 says:

Better go and take a look at the Better Business Bureau with a B rating and the responses from the company are less then comforting. Can't really fault Samcrac as this video is so old now. There are currently no good examples of what you will get when you download. My example would be a Ford Focus. Nothing that will show you what you will get and if your are not happy the advice from the company seems to be go and pound sand. Not good in my book.

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