How to fix stuck Nissan car key

How to fix stuck Nissan car key

A common problem with the Nissan Qashqai, Micra and other models is that a part of the ignition wears, causing the key to catch when removing it from the ignition, or become completely stuck. It stops you being able to leave your car safely.

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Jay Lewis says:

This didn't help me…

Xx Torressniper xX says:

The most useless video my freaking key has been stuck for 2 hours now and this is what I find

Jeremy Western says:

Have just fixed my wife's Qashqai using the Car Key Man postal service. Interestingly all our local (Gloucestershire) automotive locksmiths declined to remove and repair the lock and our Nissan dealer wanted over £100 just to diagnose the problem, let alone fix it. So we followed the (excellent) video instructions to remove the lock and posted it to the Car Key Man in Lincoln. He rang confirming receipt the following morning and posted it back the same day as good as new. Have just reinstalled the lock and everything working perfectly again. We were without the use of the car for just 2 days! Thanks – a great service.

matty00w1 says:

this can be fixed easily without the ignition to be removed. The fault is caused by the dust flap wearing to a point that matches the grove on the key. once it picks up o. the key it deflects downward onto the key increasing the resistance.

1. if the key is stuck it can be released with a small screw driver to lift the dust flap off the key. push it in and pull back on the key.

2. To fix use a small flat needle file, use the edge to wear away the point on the dust flap inside the ignition barrel. if the file gets stuck use a small screw driver or flat piece of metal to lift the dust flat.

it took me about 15 mins with this method to completely cure the problem without removing the lock.

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