how to fix a cars headliner#fyp #cars #headliner #nissan #truck #florida #hot

how to fix a cars headliner#fyp #cars #headliner #nissan #truck #florida #hot


Jimmy King says:

I love you content and commitment to us viewers but I have Huge question how are you able to flip so many cars at a time? I thought you were only allowed to have a certain number question of cars. And do you put insurance and transfer the title in your name for every car? Thank you

Alex Gonzalez says:

Do you have any detailing videos?

Tubbs_Above says:

Just to let you know, under your car inspection playlist, you have a video thats not from your channel

Kenia Monroy says:

Continue making more flipping cars videos

Bob Haas says:

Why not pick up a used headliner from a junkyard?

Eow says:

Do stil have the m3 36 ?

IloveBaconBoy says:

Um ok cool short I guess..

Yossi D says:

Good to hear from you

Adam Kenton says:

And another shop told you 250$ and you ended up accepting, and they did a great job. Yes we know

Brave Mountain says:

First, also can you make a video on how you can hydrodip interior parts or repaint the interior to black?

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