Electric Tailgate Install | Nissan Patrol Y62 | DIY

Electric Tailgate Install | Nissan Patrol Y62 | DIY

What’s up guys!
Here is a full installation video on the electric tailgate system. We have completed this on many series 5 patrols now!

Yes there are kits available for other SUVS. Just drop a comment if you have any questions.






Juan Anguiano says:

Will it work for a chevy 2021 suburban?

Stuart Clemie says:

Do you sell the kits and ship to NSW or can you recommend where to purchase from?

Mav Scott says:

Whats ur warranty on this kit as I believe this patrol is the one I now own and the rear door isn't opening or closing when using the button or the key

Bris Jim says:

Where do you located ? Can you install one for me. How much cost

Ramon Facultad says:

Will this fit on a 2018 pathfinder?

n.alzaabi —__— says:

In the UAE the y62 nissans from 2012 have electrical tailgates

Vera Chen says:

Could you install for Toyota 4runner model as well?

Greg Pullock says:

Will this work on 2013 series 1 STL? It Does have the soft close feature!

Nepal Adventure Trekking says:

Hi i am looking for CRV 2017 Tailgate, can you tell me wr i can get?

TheClinchDrive says:

Don’t be tight and buy a TI-L

John Corner says:

Great job! Any installation kit for grand cherokee 2005-2010?

Matthew Bell says:

Hi, do you do a kit for series 5 y62 ti and what is approx installed price, thanks

Martin Siljegovic says:

Hi are you in Brisbane

john clark says:

Do you do a universal power tailgate kit
I'd like to install a kit in my 2005 ford territory

Melvin Montecino says:

How much for installation?

oozuk says:

What brand kit is this for the patrol ?

Nizzle says:

How much is the kit? Your website is pretty confusing just says that you do stuff to cars lol

Patrick Matthes says:

Plug and play, Great informative video

Mazhar Ali says:

Complicated wiring. PL describe wiring in detail

MarKQrTY says:

Seems like a lot of work for such a small feature

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