Budget eBay C-light Headlight Install and Review for Nissan Frontier 09'-21'

Budget eBay C-light Headlight Install and Review for Nissan Frontier 09'-21'

We took one for the team and bought these new LED headlights for the Nissan Frontier and threw them on Kyle’s 2015 Frontier.

Enjoy this unboxing/install video where we briefly explain where and how to remove your factory bumper and headlights along with a little review on how these perform at night.

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Link to the lights in video! https://www.akkon.com/products/headlamp-headlights-head-light-lamp-assembly-led-car-front-parts-replace-for-lights-accessories-oem-ni2503188-ni2502188-26060-zl40b-26010-zl40b-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21?rq=mk_nissan~md_frontier~yr_2015



Emiliano Garcia Lewis says:

Beautiful truck brother!!!

The Adventure Zombie says:

These look great! Did you notice when you did the hazard lights the passenger side blinker didn't work. Aside from that I think these are awesome! Looks great Kyle!

ExtraCrispyClipFactory says:

Would this fit an 05 frontier?

MR Newman says:

Would they also fit on a navara d40 2011

14kjar says:

All Dogs upped their production quality, the intro is pretty sick

Ryan Bourgeois says:

Seems like there have been a few new headlights available for the Frontier lately. Are y'all aware if these fit the 2008-2012 Pathfinders? Or anything that fits?

Mike Paterno says:

Saw these online yesterday! Also wondering how leds will improve lighting.

Is there a separate input for the DRL? Since the DRL is integrated with turn signal can you wire the DRL to be on with truck?

riccogalindo says:

Had same issue finding these. Got mine today from carid auto. No pictures have to search by part number from xtunes video. Only like 20 in stock

Sole Man says:

Does anyone know when these will be available again? I liked to buy me a set0

Kevin Cano says:

Looking forward to seeing the quality and longevity!

E. C. says:

what bumper are you running?

matthew king says:

Nice review and install. Currently looking for new headlights but I wanna wait till I see these with a led set up installed.

Allen Saetern says:

Wow it looks great, adds a more modern look!

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