Mitsubishi HVAC At My House – Full System Tour

Mitsubishi HVAC At My House – Full System Tour

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Mike Lewis says:

More than 1% of the year are your temps above 80 in Texas….

Luke says:

23:23 you mentioned adding links on previous videos in which you got into the weeds on manual J's, etc. Any chance you can add them?

Reef Republik says:

thats a janky hack job install

Ductless Plus HVAC says:

Thanks for your new episode!

Jon Vickers says:

Why not just do one larger compressor ?

LJ says:

Having some humidity issues in my South Texas home, and boy, have I learned some things from this video. Thanks for everything you do @Matt Risinger

D P says:

I design HVAC systems as a profession and I want to use the PEAD unit in my house but the submittal sheets only give low-med-high CFMs (wet 461-572-667) and external static pressure (.14-0.2-0.28-0.4-0.6). Even though she is saying that the unit can operate up the 0.6 inches this is at a cost on CFM meaning that the airflow falls to 461 at the 0.6". My load states that I need 1.5 tons @ 720 CFM but the 18,000 Btu PEAD can't perform there so I jumped up to the 24,000 Btuh. This too appears to struggle. At 720 CFM, from what I can tell, PEAD 24 can only do on high for a dry coil and Really low static. I would love to know where I can chat with someone about this preferably a Mitsubishi engineer b/c as far as I can tell, I would have to go up to the larger unit which defeats the purpose of this unit. I keep finding myself in at 0.2 inches of allowable static with almost all manufacturers 2 ton ducted mini-split units. Any help would be awesome, just need answers that make sense.

R. S. says:

13:40 How are you in Texas with no insulation in your attic? Is that a different video?!!

Ermin M says:

For anyone looking for Mitsubishi mini split in Canada, don't. I am about to remove and dispose of low static system I paid for dearly because of poor install/design and non existent support after installer took off. Kicker is that Mitsubishi has a distributor that is doing support for HVAC installers. They will commit to nothing on PEAD and SEZ units in regards of ducting and provide no guidance or advice even to the installers. End user support is literally non existent. Do yourself a favor, before you buy Mitsubishi HVAC in Canada, pretend that you did that already and that you have question and try to call them. You will very quickly find out that they will NOT pickup the phone and they will NOT call you back. If someone calls you it will be a sales person from distributor that has no skin in game. Mitsubishi support in Canada is a sham.

Farzad Bari says:

Matt, I am installing a Toshiba VRF system in my new 2850 sft apartment, guess what the cooling load is…about 19 Tons!!! Because here we don’t use any insulation 🙁

Lars Anders says:

So why didn't you go "ductless" also in the upstairs areas?

M Vela says:

This type of system is for people with money and what is the difference in electric bill between this and a regular 4 ton unit

Posi P says:

in a forced-air system we have one fan that pushes the conditioned air around the home. the air is circulated, pushed and pulled all around the home with just one piece of hardware. Now we want to install a fan and air handler in each room. All installed at the same time, so expect to have to replace all the units at the same time. But now you have the cost of replacing 8 units, not just one. And you will need to do that work in the homeowner's living area and not the equipment room.
It's like installing a small water heater under each sink?

D Rodriguez says:

Freeeeee awn lines

James Karrie says:

is hrv/hrv ducted together or is it a separate system?

CrapMusStank says:

20 year life expectancy? Your dreaming.

Tom Kacandes says:

Wait…”Freon lines”??? Is this from the 80’s?

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