Mitsubishi Ductless Remote – Simple Remote, Basic Functions

Mitsubishi Ductless Remote – Simple Remote, Basic Functions

Mike Cappuccio of NETR, Inc. explains the basic functions of the simple-style, Mitsubishi Ductless remote control, including turning the unit on and off, adjusting the temperature, setting the heating and cooling mode, and adjusting the fan speed and directional vanes.



littleredtroll says:

Is there a fan only mode?

W.M.Mustakim Ibrahim says:

Can u explain to me. I switch on aircond, 2 led lights on. Then after few hours only 1 led light on. Is that the inverter start functioning? The led lights was no explaination in manual book.

Hao Phan says:

2:41 set the time on the clock

W.M.Mustakim Ibrahim says:

This remote same with mine…and old school type…there is no light..or backlight…and no reflection light on button…

Vijay Strickland says:

beautifully explained, thank you good sir

The mafiya says:

Thank you very much man

Pete Miller says:

I didn't even know the face plate slides down….lol. Thanks for the great video. Cheers from Canada.

great one says:

once i have my Auto start and Auto Stop set, do i need to have my remote "ON" at all times and pointing to the wall unit?

Little Luna says:

What do I do when it wont turn on and work even though it says its on?

john spinosa says:

Great video thanks

Renee Psiakis says:

the best explanation I have found for this weird remote.

CAGChannel1 says:

Thank you so much for making sense of the senseless!
Seriously, many , many thanks!!

Randi Ehrhart says:

Good job Mike Cappuccio !!! If it was understandable by me then you really know you are a good teacher ! THANKS

Luigi Rizzo says:

Great instructional video!

Chris Gould says:

First time in 6 years ive used cool mode, this was very useful.

kani minocha says:

I didn't get how to set timer to switch it off

zosmo says:

How to set the timer pleaseeeeee

Kaniyalal Gupta says:

Is remote ke

Kaniyalal Gupta says:

Jankare hindi m btay

Roman Koyko says:

Is there just the fan mode where I can just operate the fan with no cooling or heating?

Rachel M says:

Just moved into an apartment and I couldn't figure out how to get this thing to work. Thank you!

Michael Huff says:

The Hero I need! 71% humidity up in here – thanks for telling me about the dry mode! Dropped to 62% in 15 minutes! Great unit – terrible Mitsubishi documentation.

Kristen Kelly says:

Thank you so much! Great tutorial

Faith says:

Shit sucks !

tumasm01 says:

is there a way to keep the vane pointed to the left only? thanks

April Callies says:

Very well described. Thank you!

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