Installing VLAND headlights | 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer

Installing VLAND headlights | 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer

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axel cruz says:

what model lancer is this ? I have the DE lancer I would like to invest in the same headlights.

Ivàn says:

Did your headlights originally come with a green circular gasket cover?

TB.speedy 69 says:

were did you get your f❤ck off sticker???

Limez says:

What intake do u have!?!? I can’t find one anywhere

Jascyn Manianglung says:

Do you have video when night time of the headlight?

Lei M says:

not Really relevant comment bro,but I got evo x headlights and feel its absolutely a scam,caused my afs dash light flashing(if ur car doesnt have afs then u might be happy w it),and poor finish(cheap plastic feel and sent directly from China lol),even worse aftersale support,leave ur query alone and never wanted help(keeping say they r consulting and let u wait)
we all earn money hard ,we deserve alot better product for its price

ItzJGaming says:

I have a 2015 lancer se, where do i plug in that cable that goes into the fuse box?

Celine Wilson says:

All the vland websites say these headlights are for EVOs, I have a regular lancer will they still work for a regular lancer if it’s for an evo?

RheaWolf says:

Do you have one for installing the tail lights?

Thomas Henrique says:

O volante do evo , esta na lista de mods ??

Yarduxjim_35 [X_X] says:

Where can I get the lyrics from the back (Fuck off)

jgator10 says:

Where did you get the head lights? Been wanting to replace mine for a while

Ace SpaceBalls says:

Holy shit the trouble I’m going through for my headlights and taillights…messing with my electricals and the rpm is going up and down…don’t know what to do to fix it…nice lancer, and I’m very curious what that blue light in the beginning of the video is?

Josiah Flores says:

have you had any problems such as daytime Led Strip not on. Because for some reason when i turn on my blinker my whole headlight flashes do you think it’s a wiring issue?

Brenton Livermore says:

link for your rear view mirror?? plz! or just the name or brand

Dae Herr says:

Looks really sick, hows the headlight beam aiming/alignment? Can you make a short video?

ramo atam says:

I love when girls work on the car I wish my wife can do things like that but she don't even know how to put a screw or water on radiator or water windshield great job keep it up and thanks for the video

Octa Campos says:

Se podrá en una outlander 11 ?
It can on an outlander 11?

NightGamer says:

at 14:29 did you do a slow motion on the video so that we can see the index lights speed or this is it's original speed? If i take a look at the rain I'm guessing it's slowed down a bit right? 😀

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