How to replace headlight bulb Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006–2012

How to replace headlight bulb Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006–2012

Hi, quick video on how to replace remove change headlight bulb in 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse



G A.G says:

Eclipse cross 2020 replace headlight

arthur c. says:

Thanks it helps !

Monica Trevizo says:

I'm trying but it won't spin I can't take the old one out

Floor Daoc says:

for a 2011 eclipse this is wrong. completely different headlight case

fiasco stew says:

Show us how to adjust the lights instead up or down not replace

Noah Sandnas says:

thank you, good video

Bird In Charlotte says:

Please tell everyone to make sure the rubber washer comes out with the old bulb, I just spent 45 minutes trying to get the new one in before I noticed the old one blocking the way

Anthony P says:

Thanks alot .. this saved time and money for sure

ss93101 says:

Counter-clockwise to come out, turn clockwise to go in. Make sure the red rubber O ring comes out as well… the new bulb should have a ring. I spent 20 minutes turning and turning until this other video @ 1:35 showed me that if left in the "double rings" will prevent the new bulb from going in correctly as you turn it.

Viscious Hattermaid says:

Is this for regular lights or high beams?

Viscious Hattermaid says:

What is bulb part #?

Scarlett Rose says:

Thank you. That looks easy, hopefully I can do that since I just noticed today one of my headlight is out…. Thanks for sharing…

suzanne quashie says:

Your the bestest Ed!

iRaceCar says:

And they was talkn 80$ foh. preciate tha vid fam

iSeetee Films. says:

Mine doesn't have wires. It has a square back end with wires hidden

Joshua Rahman says:

Thanks man. Im putting in hids so this makes it way easier

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