How to install the Mitsubishi Electric communication gateway

How to install the Mitsubishi Electric communication gateway

In this video we show you how to connect and configure the Airzone-Mitsubishi Electric communication gateway.

The gateway is made up of 3 elements:

– A connector for the Airzone system’s main control board and a fixing post.
– A configuration microswitch.
– A connector for Mitsubishi Electric AC unit.

1. Turn off the power to both your Airzone system and your Mitsubishi Electric AC unit before making the connections.

2. Connect the gateway to the AC unit port on the Airzone main control board and secure it using the fixing post supplied.

3. Locate the CN105 or CN92 connector on the Mitsubishi Electric AC unit electronics and connect the Airzone gateway to this port using the cable supplied.

4. Once all the connections are successfully made, configure the microswitch if necessary.

5. Finally, it’s time to power up the Airzone system and the Mitsubishi Electric AC unit.

a. Check all the status LEDs on the gateway to verify correct operation:
 Power supply LED.
 Microprocessor activity LED.
 Communication LEDs (gateway-system).
 Communication LEDs (gateway-AC unit).

b. Once the Airzone system is configured, select any operating mode other than Stop to generate demand in a zone and check that the Mitsubishi Electric controller receives the commands from the Airzone system.

c. Finally, check that the static pressure in the ducted AC unit is in accordance with the conditions of the airflow distribution network in which it is installed (see the manufacturer’s manual for the AC unit if you need to modify this parameter).



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