How to Fix a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor AC transistor blower

How to Fix a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor AC transistor blower

How to fix a Mitsubishi endeavor ac blower that stopped working. Transistor replacement. AC fix. Cheap.



Manuel Reyna says:

Hello Peter hey this part is the same for a 2011 mitsubishi endeavor?

April Metcalf says:

Thank you so much for posting this video, you’re awesome!!! My husband ordered that part & changed it out in my 04 Endeavor & I have a/c again!!! God bless you!!!

Richard Garcia says:

I'm sorry about that I just trying to fit my evaporator mitsubishi endeavor 2008 for myself, and then if you have some video available which can help with that

Richard Garcia says:

Buen día puedes hacer un vídeo removiendo evaporador mitsubishi endeavor 2008

Stevo Paukovic says:

So great video!! Thank you so much for your help!!

Dominique Taylor says:

How to remove the blower motor in my Mitsubishi L200 Sportero, it is working intermittent.

Exodus says:

Is that automatic or manual?

Edwin Heredia says:

The rear AC is no blowing air on my dad 2004 endeavor. Is there a resistor for the rear? Please help

Jose Vazquez says:

Thank you for the video. I am gonna probably ask the same question as others but I want to make sure I understand what is going on with the A/C in our 2005 Endeavor. So I purchased a recharge kit with gauge which read the freon was good..wasted $50 on that. Turned the A/C full blast and after about 2 minutes the A/C light began flashing. We checked the compressor which appears to be moving freely. The A/C is blowing hot air into the vehicle. We also do not have the temperature gauge like your mom's so I am assuming that we will need a resistor that is the cause of the hot air. Is the resistor only control the blower/fan part of the A/C unit or does it control the hot air being blown in also? I checked the blower fan under the glove box and it felt very hot to the touch and the wires were hot also, is this normal or a problem? Sorry for so many questions but I am sure others may have the same issues. Thank you for any advice you may have for us.

SJ Johnson says:

I have a 2005 endeavour. I live in Texas and my ac keeps going out. It basically works when it wants to. I have gotten the sensor and what they called a switch replaced, but it has not solved the problem. When the ac works it does blow very cold. Do you think its the transistor ? Or blower? Also do you think the switch was the transistor? Idk all the shops I've went to act like it's so hard to fix.

Robert Kyles says:

I always buy on and I found that part for around $12, blower motor for as cheap as $32

Carice Pearson says:

I have a 2005 endeavor and I'm having trouble switching from hot to cold. A/C works but heater doesn't

Jay Sheare says:

When I put that part # in it gave me the resistor part my 05 Mitsubishi endeavor awd does in need resistor or transistor I'm confused and already placed order can you answer real fast so I don't get wrong part

Jay Sheare says:

Thanks for video. I ripped a blower fan out of an old Chrysler 2000 made a quick adjustment with a angle grinder that didn't work so I'm glad this video was here I just placed my order on ebay and spent 20.50©

toyloverz says:

And yet ANOTHER person posting that Peter has helped!
Just did this fix and it worked!!! What a blessing! Thank you for posting! GOD BLESS!

J Morgan says:

Thanks Peter, did exactly what you said/shown on the video saved hundreds…. Great video and thanks for paying it forward. Be blessed

thair faiq says:

Thank you so much I had the same problem but after watching your video you saved me a lot of money .

Manny Cuaresma says:

Thank you for making this video. The fix for the problem I have is right on. You saved me a bunch of money and I learned something. With your simple and well made video, I had the confidence of doing it myself and it worked. Thanks. Please share more of your talent. GOD BLESS !

vega197962 says:

Mr. Peter Zafra , my husband working on 2004 Mitsubishi endeavor my heater stopped blowing he checked blower and unclogged it not that ac works is it the transistor blower or what could it be? he has dash open help..

Michael Moulson says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Did this today, and because of this video, it was a breeze!! Cheers!!

Jeff Little says:

MAN! I wanna give you a hug or $20 or something! This video DID IT! Thank you! God bless you. You've helped me.

John-Scott Thompson says:

PERFECT! I went to AUTO ZONE the part was $176 for the Bishi and $63 for the Oydessy. Within 20 minutes my AC was running again. THANK YOU.

Jose Pablo says:

Hello Peter Zafra I tried to find the part en eBay but only found one for $69.00. But you find it for $20.00. Can you tell me where you find it? Please!!!

Jason Smith says:

04 xls ac compressor is purging after i put in ac pro 12oz do you think i might have blow a o-ring

Addam Chaudoin says:

Peter, does the transistor go out all at once or can it do it over time? Just wondering I also have an 04 endeavor and the ac sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. I also noticed that if I mess with the hot/cold adjustment knob it will then kick on. Seems like the blower and the console both work well. Is there a relay switch that could be out or sometime else other then the transistor?

Thanks for the help.

miguel fernandez says:

you bay this in napa as i lokk

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