How to clean your Mitsubishi starmex aircon. #aircon #DIY

How to clean your Mitsubishi starmex aircon. #aircon #DIY

DIY service home aircon.
Brand : Mitsubishi Electric inverter
type : Wallmouted.
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Follow this in depth video for more details:



GrowInTheDark says:

Thank you so much for detailed useful video!!

WaffleSSSSSPLUS says:

how did you detach the drippan? the cloth was covering so i couidnt see

LK S says:

Thank you for this!!

Soh Ricky says:

omg it works thanks bro

Buddy says:

Bon, can remove the drain pan when cleaning?

Buddy says:

Great video. What about the electricity ON/OFF during cleaning?

Nigel Ng says:

Great instructional bro! Will try it!

Karen Thia says:

Hi Bon MJ, if I follow your way of cleaning, do I still need to engage company to do chemical cleaning?

Kelvin Keegan says:

Thanks bro for the lesson .

Remy Azhary Yosef says:

Thanks for this video. Saves me plenty of money on servicing. With the exception of the accumulated interior gel and water (which, sorry to say, have to be removed using wet vacuum that I don't have), this instructional vide o is pretty straightforward.

Toyota Hiace says:

Good job. Keep it up

Suzuki Gsr400 says:

i just bought this fn series system 4.. how often do i need to do servicing for all 4?

Katrina Toucke says:

I have 2 green lights on. It seems that it is not cooling as well. I have done all shown. Do I need to have the coolant checked? Is that done on the outside unit? I hired an ac repair company and they didn't do any of this other than show me how to work the controls. I have a disability where I need to stay in 61 degrees and in the afternoon with all the windows blocked I heat up to 66 to 71 with outside air being 80. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Benny Boardman says:

miss the drain pipe… due to water leakage. how to maintain that?

Milli Vanilli says:

u forgot the drain pipe

Mark Martella says:

Nicky done!

C.K. says:

You have magically dislodged the drain pan without further explaining how to do so. I got stuck here and could never proceed further. What a disappointment.

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