ACT Clutch Install: 2008 – 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L and 2009 – 2017 Lancer 2.4L

ACT Clutch Install:  2008 – 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L and 2009 – 2017 Lancer 2.4L Here is the clutch kit that fits the 2008 – 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L and 2009 – 2017 Lancer 2.4L! See the installation of this ACT Clutch Kit part # MB11-HDSS.

Available in street and race configurations:

Heavy Duty Clutch kit with Sprung Centered Street Disc– MB11-HDSS:

Heavy Duty Clutch kit with 6 Pad Sprung Race Disc – MB11-HDG6:

Heavy Duty Clutch kit with 6 Pad Rigid Race Disc – MB11-HDR6:

Heavy Duty Clutch kit with 4 Pad Sprung Race Disc – MB11-HDG4:

Heavy Duty Clutch kit with 4 Pad Rigid Race Disc – MB11-HDR4:

Time Index
(00:31) Air Intake/Filter Housing
(03:03) Axles
(04:28) Shifter Cables
(09:40) Transmission
(09:52) Clutch/Flywheel
(11:16) Reinstall

“A Himitsu”
Isolated Mind
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Brian_dsm says:

Love professional videos like this! Thumbs up for sure!

Leon S says:

I cant put the center member back on the holes don’t get aligned

Jazper Ruedas says:

Is this the same thing as replacing a 2011 lancer es manual?

Paul Jad says:

U guys have shop in los angels

Username says:

Where can I find the part at 10:11? The bleeder key that is mentioned. I can't find that online anywhere, don't even know the official name of it.

Kiweel Tyler says:

Can I use this application on my ‘16 ES for daily driving? I’m highly interested in purchasing this part. Also, does ACT sell lightweight pulleys as well?

Ivan Albanez says:

Hello, what size are the flywheel bolts? I wanna buy them before I open mine

Sam .P says:

I can change oil, break pads, and all the little repairs that I can reach. Mad props to these mechanics. There's no way I would be doing this, and remember all the parts. I'll be like where this part go again, or just leave it out. I was just curious about this.

Jeffrey Vankoughnett says:

I was wondering where I can buy a service manual for my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS?

Jorhany Muti says:

I installed one on my 2008 lancer gts. Afterwards, I noticed a gear grinding noise occasionally, it's mild and does not affect anything. Just wanna know is this normal?

Aaron Darren says:

Hi there

I have a question here I have a lancer se 2012 and my torque clutch converter gave out I was wondering even though I am still able to drive the car will it damage my transmission of I keep riding it to and from work.

Christian Garrovillo says:

Do I really need to remove the subframe? I dont think we have an engine hoist just laying around

Alex Thomas says:

Hey does anybody what kind engine hoist attachment they used and where I can find one?

magic heats says:

I wanna do this at home because my gearbox crunches only in third gear.

I see no leaks in the master and slave cylinders im guessing it synchros inside the gearbox are gone. Great video do you recommend doing this on the floor at home…

Lee Ndlovu says:

This video is so clear and straightforward..much much better than the service manual. Probably the BEST video I have watched

Miguel Alveo says:

Hola soy de panama y tengo un Mitsubishi de esos.
Se me daño el adapter del clutch o bombín el que va afuera del collarín y aqui en panama no lo venden mi carro lleva 3 meses si andar por esa pieza y no la consigo

Bruno Silva says:

Can you make a video for the evo x?

Chris Lowkey Lisby says:

Anyone know how to bleed a slave cylinder while doing this if we are replacing while the transmissions open on this same car? Or has any good references

Jordan Taylor says:

What is the bolt size / threading for the engine support bridge that goes into the block?

*StangModz* says:

Hello, I have a 2009 lancer 2.0 non turbo and want to install a stage 2 clutch . The issue is that I live in East Cost, Canada and I'm finding it very hard to find this part.
Where can I purchase the proper clutch and flywheel for my 5 speed ?
What is your advise?

Senpaiii says:

Does 4G93, 4G63 bearing clutch can be used on the 4b11,4b10 system?

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