2008-17 Mitsubishi Lancer/Outlander How to Replace Lower Control Arm

2008-17 Mitsubishi Lancer/Outlander  How to Replace Lower Control Arm

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For your on Caution: ⚠️⚠️ I am not liable for anything that happens or occurs while you are working on your vehicle, this video is only for a educational/learning tool and you may need more information to properly do the work. I am not liable for any injuries or death due to your own work done at your own risk.



Reveloen Alberto says:

You have anymore vids on lancers 2011 up
Both lower engine mounts?

demonhill says:

so many wrongs in this video… i really hope u go to workshop and let them re-tight all the nuts and bolts

Dacel says:

PLEASE READ THIS!!! I am a mechanic by trade. Educated and worked with cars for 13 years now. You installed that controll arm wrong. you NEVER want to tighten the bolts on the bushings while the controll arm is hanging. This will cause premature wear on the bushings. Instead you want to put a hydraulic jack beneath the brake disc and jack it up untill you're lifting the car so that the cars weight is on the controll arms, THEN you can tighten the bushings.

By doing what you did, you are pinching the bushings in a location they aren't meant to be. and when you lower your car down they will have alot of twist on em causing them to rapidly wear out.

Stephane Lamothe says:

Quand tu ne sais pas travailler, c'est cela que ça donne! Défait beaucoup trop de pièces pour rien! Tu n’a que trois bolts a défaire pas plus n’y moins!

Jared King says:

Hey mate what was the symptom that pointed to changing the control arm?


There's no need to do all that work, the control arm come out and goes back in fine by just unbolting it from the cross member and ball joint..

Marian Marian says:

Is this Mitsubishi Lancer rusting so much underneath?

Prestia2011 says:

I have to do this job at least once a year on my lancer. I've tried all different brands, moog, AC Delco, etc. The balljoint always fails prematurely. At least the part is cheap

I also don't remove the CV from the hub

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