⫷ Mitsubishi │ Outlander │ 2013 – 2019 │ Cabin Air Filter Remove & Replace ⫸

⫷ Mitsubishi │ Outlander │ 2013 – 2019 │ Cabin Air Filter Remove & Replace ⫸

Change cabin air filter on a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander. Easy diy project, takes 5 minutes. Better and more efficient hvac air.

You should replace your cabin air filter every 6 months or so.


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part numbers: 7803A004, 7803A105, 7803A109, 800106P, AFC1235, 49363, CAF1792, 936, cf3147



Kingo Belgzen says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST did what you did and found the rat entry. So grateful for this video! I want to do what some other people did……… allow essential air entry, yet attaching a mesh wire or sorts on the outside to prevent rats from coming in again and leaving their little droppings on my seats!

Rajindra Kumarage says:

So on my 2018 outlander sport , the old filter had the arrows down and the new one has arrows up. Can you tell me do I need to put the new one as it is showing arrow up or turn it upside down.  @Scotties Hobbies

tuluks Vui says:

1:26 dingle? lol

Mike Miller says:

Is it easy to change the resister and blower motor too

Amanda Mullins says:

Can I wash the filter and put it back in?

gorbulas says:

Recommended to replace it every 15,000km

Brian Fuher says:

I used the curved stem at the end of a paint can opener to unlatch the filter cover as I have no fingernails and fat fingers. It also worked well to hook onto the cabin filer and take it out. Good job explaining how to pull off the safety latch on the glove box .

King Trout says:

Great video thanks for what you showed us ..


My Mitsubishi 2015 outlander is idling up and down and my car acts like it wants to shut off .

Bibi Lechuga says:

What if you forgot to connect the shock again before closing and now the acutal part you need it to connect it to won’t come back further down

Muhammed Azif Abdul Rahman says:

Such an wonderful explanation

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