Prop Change on a 2018 Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke

Prop Change on a 2018 Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke

Changing to a four blade prop on the Pro Guide V16WT with the Mercury 60 HP Fourstroke.



Frank Issa says:

Forgot to bend the tabs in lock washer?

mowahid says:

can you loose your motor warranty when u changed it from 3 to a 4 blade? ty

Craig Campbell says:

Curious what the performance difference was. Did you also get a different pitch? I need to make a change on my 60hp to get on plane faster.

Yukon2918 says:

What size socket? Please?

Flynt Fishing says:

I’m sure you wanted to upgrade anyways but couldn’t you just have changed the hub?

AdventMoto says:

Awesome vid …will be doing this on an element 16 that refused to plane under heavy load hahha

daniel zubrinic says:

Hello! Do you have any play in your prop once everything is tight?

Mike Henderson says:

Mark, Did you say what size prop, and pitch you used? I have a Pt 175 Tracker with a new 60hp . Just wondering what would be the best pitch for quick out of the water performance.

phill downes says:

all that grease you fucked around with and forgot to put any on the threads so the threads dont go rusty, very clever and being as the okld prop had been walloped a few times be a good idea to check the prop shaft for run out…

tuomore says:

You forgot to lock tabs?

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