Mercury Pro Kicker Install On Tracker Pro Guide 175 SC

Mercury Pro Kicker Install On Tracker Pro Guide 175 SC

Installing 2022 Mercury Pro Kicker 9.9 EFI on a Tracker Pro Guide 175 For Content Donations Click on the link



IJ says:

Hope its working ell for you…..did you notice any change in the way the boat planes ? does it lean at all, how did you determine the distance to mount between the main and the kicker? Thanks

bryan k says:

Are you installing these? I have a similar system, trying to get it installed…

g eez says:

what length is the kicker?

Sam’s Adventures says:

You know those deck screws are a square bit style head right? There are not stripped, you just needed a square bit to remove those. Just a heads up incase you want to remove other ones. You can find those square bits at any hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, etc…)

Tom Chesebro says:

Where did you get the downrigger mount to fit the track system?

Tom Chesebro says:

What year is your Tracker??

12Bozeman says:

Have you had any problems with water leaking in through the holes? The mechanic at the boat shop I go to didn’t want to permanently mount my kicker because he was worried about this??

Benzo says:

Did you end up putting a t off the main fuel line? If so, where did you splice in? I'm putting the same motor on a tracker 175wt.

T Jordan says:

What kind of top end speed are you getting out of the pro kicker on your boat?

Curtis Heb says:

How do you like the smooth moves suspension seat?

ravaginggoatman says:

Thanks for the video, mine is coming tomorrow, trying to plan ahead, can you tell me did it come with enough wire to reach to the battery?

John Tully says:

Did the remote control automatically come with your kicker or do you have to order it?

John Tully says:

My new kicker “should be” arriving next week at BPS, ready for install. Just in time for it to start heating up at Folsom as the water temp increases. I really like my Pro 175 combo. Good luck!

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