Mercury Outboard – Water Pump Impeller Replacement

Mercury Outboard – Water Pump Impeller Replacement

Mercury Outboard – Water Pump Impeller Replacement on a 1990 Mercury Outboard 150 HP, Black Max, XR4, V-6 engine

Please post comments or questions you may have. I have the manual and may be able to answer any Torque Spec. you need.




blk05gsxr says:

Does the water come out hot out of your pee hole on that motor

Jonathan Maldonado says:

Did you order that off Amazon?

Brenden Schill says:

Music over the engine running? This is insanity

Michael Blair says:

Should the water exiting the motor be hot? Like nearly too hot to touch?

onehandpass79 says:

Did you add red loctite to a stud that uses a nylock?

Joe Correia says:

How did you know it was bad?

Kevin Griggs says:

Darn you missed the ice cream truck

William Riley says:

Damn Dude… Polish that prop…! Now which way were those impeller blades facing again…??? lol Bolts are meaasured by their thread diameter & thread pitch, NOT THEIR HEX HEAD SIZE…!

James Rhody says:

What gear is the shifter when you pulled lower unit

werner KEGGENHOFF says:

what does the silicone do ? Never seen this done before

FooKhan says:

Not a bad video, better if you explained what you are doing

Trevor McDowell says:

Have plugged the oil system and began to mix yourself or continue to use oil pump?

Michael Thompson Sr. says:

Good video – BUT: Those Nylok lock nuts are meant to be tightened only one time. Never re-use them, as they will fail.

Corpse Grinder says:

Nice little video. The only advise I would give is that when you are adding the lower gear lube, spin the prop by hand a few times to get the air out of the bearings and such.

Colesy Coles says:

Howdy. Ive replaced the impella and the thermostats on my 1885 150 mariner and was test driving it, there was a steady stream from tell tall, after driving for about 15 mins the alarm went off and there was no water from the tell tale.. i shut the motor down.
Please help..

CentralCoastCamper says:

Nice video.

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