In this video, I show how to do an annual service on a Mercury75\90\115 outboard motor. Thanks for watching, and if you found this video helpful, be sure to like and subscribe for more videos like this one!

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Filmed and edited by: Noctem Productions



Greg J says:

Great video thank you!

TvidzCT says:

Does the new gear oil have to be blue or is ok to use the other one that its like regular color of oil

rwehuman says:

Great service video. Thank you for doing it. May I please make a request? Throttle cable adjustment, we have a 40 horse 4-stroke on a 13-foot whaler side console.

Our throttle cable have a serious amount of play in it. Full-forward gives us only 4000 RPM while shifting into reverse seems pretty touchy. It's like our cable is no longer centered

Brian Lui says:

Get a chance to do a video on 40HP yet?

James Helton says:

Glad someone took the time to produce this how to. I'm fixing to do my first service on my 19' 90hp mercury 4s. The marina priced this at @$300 plus parts.

Ivan Whobiturcokoff says:

Dude is truly a Beauty! Thanks for sharing and like how the video was ended with a couple " reach arounds' "…lol

Melton Blackwell says:

I have a 2003 115 4 stroke serial # OT664471 I am doing the oil change and gear lube new fuel lines and filter. I also ordered a new prop 4 blade ss 17 pitch it may be too much pitch for my 21ft. tritoon but I will just have to try it. When I put the prop on I was going to put the new plastic ring in the housing behind the but I can't find it anywhere where can I buy it? Thanks.

Chad Beckert says:

Reel Life Fisherman, Do you have any videos or information on the fuel pump on a 115 4 stroke I think I may have an issue with mine

bfols says:

Very good. Say, what is that other drain Mercury shows just below the oil filter; not the plastic catch but another drain fitting one can hook a drain hose to? I guess you’re thinking one doesn’t need to utilize that one for a oil change.

85296jwd says:

Excellent. I liked how he insisted on replacing the fill/vent plug seals.

The only thing I would have done differently was run it, if possible, before and after.

Paul Kersey says:

Thank you ,every good video

Evan Barnett says:

This is really a job for an expert. Have peace of mind and pay a proper
mechanic . J M H O

hmglor says:

Good stuff.. want to see you service honda outboard also… cuz thats what i have, a honda 115..

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