Mercury 200 Water Pump Repair | Mercury 200 Verado Water Pump Repair |

Mercury 200 Water Pump Repair | Mercury 200 Verado Water Pump Repair |

There are two versions of the Mercury 200 water pump kit, and you’ll need to choose the best one for your motor:

Mercury outboard water pump repair kit with housing:

Mercury outboard water pump impeller repair kit:

See how to repair the water pump on a Mercury 200XL Verado in this video from As you can see above, there are two kits offered to do this job. You’ll have to make an assessment as to which kit you’ll use, but the primary drivers will be the condition of the water pump housing and which O-rings and seals you need.

You’ll need to remove the lower unit on your Mercury 200 to access the water pump. Here’s how:

With the lower unit removed, John will show you how to remove the water pump and then perform an impeller replacement on your Mercury 200. Then, we’ll assemble the water pump: we’ll position the gaskets and wear plate and then get the impeller and housing back on.

See where we’re working in this Mercury 200 Verado water pump diagram:

Read how to do this job step by step:

Removing extension – 1:25
Removing water pump housing – 1:45
Disassembling water pump – 2:40
Reassembling water pump – 3:10
Installing water pump housing – 4:25
Replacing O-rings – 5:40

Find Mercury outboard parts here:

Talk to us:

In the video we’re working with a 2009 Mercury 200 XL Verado 4-cylinder outboard motor, but you may have similar steps for your Mercury outboard. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your motor, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.


Mercury 200 Verado oil change:



MrTpep123 says:

great video is it the same procedure to replace the impeller on a 150 verado???

Badr says:

Excellent job

Lunker Dunker Baits says:

Excellent video, thank you very much. One question. My kit came with an extra little O ring, small like a pencil, any idea what that might be for?

Robert Nyborg says:

I appreciate the simple, concise explanation. Thank you for these videos!

Check Engine says:

Hi. You need a workshop manual to build a 1980 hp 175 V Mercury engine (V6). Would you be so kind as to send it to me? From already thank you very much.

Ganesh Gade says:

Nice video sir…

M D says:

Where's the video of you hunting down and extracting the torn impeller fragments from the cooling passages?

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