Installing NEW Mercury 9.9 hp Outboard Boat Four Stroke Motor (UNBOXING)

Installing NEW Mercury 9.9 hp Outboard Boat Four Stroke Motor (UNBOXING)

Got a new motor for the 14 ft jon boat! Exciting to send it on some new waters!



Justin says:

Did you have to put gear shaft oil in it, or was it already in there?

m. whetstone says:

Hello great video. So extra weight in the rear. Add a longer gas hose and move your. Two gas tanks up front. Away from the battery box. Maybe ? Also a trolling motor and large battery will add weight in front for sure.

Angry white male . fmr . Lazarus says:

Commercial after half a minute shows greed

ORGANIZED CoNfUsioN Drones says:

Very cool, looking to put one on a 12 footer. Like # 82!!!!!

tailfeatherz says:

Which model # is that?

Chad Smith says:

What was the price tag out the door? I was debating on a new 9.9 or a used one.

Johnny says:

Stock Prop is a 8.5", you also have a choice of 7.5 and 6.5. I run the 6.5 when fishing for slow trolling speed. And it can bring the full boat on plane way more easy than with the 8.5".
Idle speed should be 900-950. Any lower than 900 and it will random die on you.

Bukory Matt says:

Did you buy motor online. Where can I buy one

Zhao Kun says:

Nice video!! Do you mind sharing how much you paid or a link where you got the motor?

MonksAU says:

built by tohatsu in japan with mercury decals cost $1000 more over here in aus than the tohatsu that makes them mercury stickers $500 a peice

Rick Fascinato says:

Youll go sll day on that little fuel tank

Carl Dupre says:

Try moving the battery to the front.. to plane off easier.

Vinh Ha says:

Yupt this 9.9 hp is my dream… nice boat nice motor… only thing is just get out there and get some fun… keep it up bro…

Jered Price says:

Put the motor on that wooden boat in the shop…

Werf TV says:

9.9 is a good call.. beautiful..

ethan thomas says:

i just got done fishing at the dam you also post at. don’t want to say the name so it doesn’t get too saturated. but those asian carp ruined my day


Awesome brother I'm looking in getting a 15hp

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