Installing Mercury SmartCraft Gauge (MercMonitor Eco Wiring Install)

Installing Mercury SmartCraft Gauge (MercMonitor Eco Wiring Install)

I hope this video helps on installing a mercury smartcraft eco gauge. I used the NMEA-0183 network to get GPS speed on the smartcraft gauge.

I just ordered the parts I could find on amazon through them and then the mercury parts through my local dealer. Here are the links/part numbers for the parts I ordered:

Mercury Male to Male adapter part number: 84-892452T01
Mercury smartcraft extension part number: 84-8M0058668

5V transformer:

GPS receiver compatible with NMEA 0183:



MrSerioLok69 says:

Nice video Bro.
I’m trying to Install a smart craft device on my 2001 Mercury for my trophy boat.

When I open the motor cover I see a wiring harness that says smart craft with a cap.
Also see a tan and purple wire capped. There’s another clip of six wires that says smart craft. Unfortunately no one seems to know the type of device I need. I called the dealer and they say my engine is an older model 2001. Supposedly only from 2002 and up the devise works.
I told them then why my engine has all the plugs with part number. They had no answer. I end up buying one from eBay sc1000 small 2”x2” square and today I plug it the the larger plug then it lid with fuel gallons , fule range with rpm but didn’t seem
To work. I noticed the booklet says 2004 also the device wiring harness had a purple with tan wires with. 3 wires plug capped.
The main harness from my engine did fit to the device clip but the 6 wire clip from my engine had no place to connect. I’m assuming the 6 wire clip from my engine is the main one that reads the rest of the options. The main thing for me is water pressure and temperature of engine.

It’s like going to the sea blind folded.
It beeb last time continuously which meant over heading. After 2 mins it reset it self and works perfect.

Any information would be truly appreciated Bro. Thanks

Emma Scapillati says:

Beautiful boat!

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