How to Replace Spun Prop

How to Replace  Spun Prop

In this video, I show how to replace a Mercury Tempest Plus Propeller and hub.



Somethin’ Nauti says:

Look into a skeg gard instead of welding

willy T says:

Nice video – the brass ring is a thrust bushing by the way…

craig chaney says:

Excellent job, I spun mine today and I'm thankful for guys like you who share your experience!!!!!!!

Stefan S says:

Nut is on the prop shaft not prop, so even though hub is spun, if it's in gear shaft will not move, so you can unscrew it. If hub is completely broken, holding the prop will not help 🙂

CLIP says:

were did u get new insides

vityok3000 says:

Best thing to use Dewalt DCF897B gun to unscrew that nut. I just hold prop with hand and unscrew it with gun

Cruze's Louisiana Outdoors says:

cool video and channel buddy!  New sub supporting you!  Good luck!

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