HOW TO REMOVE FLYWHEEL Mercury Outboard NEW STATOR 2 Stroke Mercury 50 9M9XM00591C1

HOW TO REMOVE FLYWHEEL Mercury Outboard NEW STATOR 2 Stroke Mercury 50 9M9XM00591C1

Tag along with me for a step by step diy how to video on installing a new outboard motor stator. In addition to the stator install I will show you how to remove a flywheel on a outboard motor. This specific application is on a Mercury 50 2 stroke outboard. Family 9M9XM00591C1 The factory tool is a lifesaver! The flywheel is really on there. We tried I think three separate days and even used an automotive flywheel puller with no luck. All it did was bend the bolts. The CDI instructions sheet came with an awesome test sequence to check if your stator was actually bad. Another awesome feature to the CDI stator was it used factory connections. It was literally plug and play. If your Mercury 50 outboard quits charging your battery, I would definitely test your stator using these steps. It is the most common issue in this scenario. Thank you for watching and please subscribe! There is a ton of content on the way!
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Deplorable Chump says:

Hey bro, what are the name and part number of the factory tool that you use? Thanks

Jim Ek Pools says:

Thanks for the detailed and informative video!

Maciek Dymek says:

Would you be able to show a short video how your trigger is mounted?
I got the service manual for my 40HP Mercury and even there they don't show it step by step

Steven Lawson says:

How do I know if my flywheel bolt is loose? My 1987 90hp inline 6 cyl is kinda knocking at idle would you happen to know the proper torque for my bolt?

Small Engine Repair says:

Did you ever have problems with the flywheel coming loose

fowvee says:

Were there stainless steel flat washers under the plastic wingnuts that hold the flywheel cover on?

Rod Bending Addicts says:

Greetings, does it matter how many amps the stator brings? I'm in the market for a new stator but I keep seeing different amps 9 amp and 16 amp. Its for a merc 75 hp 2003 2 stroke.

Digging the Mitten says:

Thanks for the informational video.

Dennis Cayson says:

I have a 2004 90 horse 2 stroke mercury,when I checked between the two yellow wires, It toggles between.3 and.4.When I checked the ohms between the green with the white stripe and the white I get.681.Also the two bullet connectors from the stator on the two yellow wires have been warm enough that the coating stuck together.The original stator is on the motor and I changed the voltage regulator a week ago because of a high voltage problem.

John Sook says:

When you checked resistance from the coil to ground, isn't it supposed to have read OL. If it measured any resistance, wouldn't that have indicated a bad coil? Just curious.

Joe Exotic says:

Do you have to reset the timing after doing this?

1000rr says:

Should have used loctite on your bolts to hold on your stator

Inka Fishing says:

Good video. I was wondering if you can provide the part number for the flywheel removal. Thanks!!

Christopher Charles says:

Hi, i would like to have a copy of the CDI troubleshooter please

Shpluka 777 says:

0h heh’roe !

Wild n Wonderful Outdoors says:

If you have any questions, please comment below. Or even just leave a comment if you liked the video!

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