How To Install / Change Boat Motor Prop | 20hp Mercury Outboard

How To Install / Change Boat Motor Prop | 20hp Mercury Outboard

This is a how-to guide on replacing the propeller on a 9.9hp, 15hp or 20hp Mercury FourStroke Outboards. In this video I go over the difference between Aluminum and Stainless props along with showing how to remove and replace your propeller.

UPDATE: After taking the boat out for a test with the 10p Stainless prop, it worked great! We picked up 200-300 rpm over the aluminum and gained 2-4 mph. The RPMs sit around 6100-6200 right now so there is still room for adjustments.

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Phil Light says:

Very nice video. Thanks. This is a general commentary – not specifically about you. I see it all the time – when YouTubers run into an awkward or difficult step – like your difficulty removing the cotter pin – they often edit out the part where they are struggling. I guess this is to make them look more competent or expert. But those difficult bits are the exact parts we need to see – how you managed to overcome the difficulty. You did as I'm suggesting when showing the retrieval of the broken pin – so I know you get it. So, I guess I'm just ranting at DIY YouTubers in general, not you in particular. Show all your mistakes!

skruface says:

What size is the prop nut?

Craig attaway says:

What is the propeller part number?

LaingEj says:

What was the outcome? Rpm and speed mph changes

RRidgeback says:

Do you remember your top speed going from aluminum to stainless? I have the same motor, but it’s on a 13ft whaler .

Erik André Höglund says:

Im gonna change 4 blade from Pro Kicker to this one. Thanks no clips is useless just use your brain and community sense

Chris Mulhollen says:

I have the same motor with the stock prop on a Lund 1600 fury,I’m running at the top of my rpm sometimes over ,so would you recommend a 10 stainless or 9,I don’t wanna loose speed but I was under the impression that the higher the pitch the more rpm you loose

Henry Hamlin says:

Tracker grizzly? I have the same boat and motor if so. So this is very helpful for propping my boat.

carney8282 says:

Any update on the performance of the new prop? Did the change make a noticeable difference? Thanks for the video!

mule spur says:

That brass washer was the thrust washer

Jim Sharp says:

Thanks for the video! Where did you get the anti-seize and prop from?

Aus says:

Is this process the same with carbureted 20hp Mercury’s? (2017 model)

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