How to install a 3" lift on a 2003+ Crown Vic/ Mercury Grand Marquis/ Panther

How to install a 3" lift on a 2003+ Crown Vic/ Mercury Grand Marquis/ Panther

This video shows some of the steps to install a 3″ “spacer lift” on a 2003 – 2011 Panther platform (Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis or Marauder, Lincoln Town Car) also some bonus footage of putting it to work in the Gambler 500 TN.



William Helbing says:

I would use taller springs instead of cups for the rear.
For the FRONT, REAR struts from a 2002 Exploder will lift the front 3 inches without a spacer.
I amd going to do this and make a video.

Ricardo Baez says:

What do you do about the rear brake lines. I installed the rears and there was a lot of tension on the line. I wouldn't be surprised if it rips off at full droop.

hankgs says:

I've never had to remove the calipers and loosen all those suspension parts to install mine (x3)

CD ROD says:

I have a 2000 grand marquis,i been thinking about lifting it 2-3 inches,where can i find these spacers?
Great video by the way bro.

apogeus2 says:

can you help me lift mine?

Tier1Norseman says:

Did you need extended upper control arms? I have a Universal Car Lifts 3 inch lift and my 2010 CVPI does not like the spacer cups in the front, keeps eating my ABS sensor connector.

Devon Spaulding says:

Are you running the sway bars.front or rear ? Took mine off the get the an doesn't want to go back in

Robert Baker says:

Gonna be doing this to my p71 soon do I need to weld that cup for the rear?

John Burns says:

Are the f150 shocks an exact fit

Don Saxon says:

What brand lift is this?…I just saw a lift for nearly 1000..seems a bit to much for me

Don Saxon says:

You really should download the soundtrack from the Burr Reynolds movie White Lighting…it goes and flows excellent with a car driving off road

1776 Always has been great says:

I tax welded the cups to axle. Don’t wanna lose a spring

Stefan Taylor says:

Amazing video. Perfect explanations

Gomode tha Rapper says:

Where are you located i need some advice or maybe a job for u

Hitler Cat says:

What size tires are you running?

Is_dat_brock says:

Do any problems come about from increasing the front arm angles?

Mitch Sheflin says:

is there any links to the parts?

Terrance Marshall says:

Viewed was definitely helpful.
Where did you get your kit from?
Do you have the info for me to order them?

kutit kustomz says:

If u want a taller more sturdy lift contact me at kutit kustomz. I build custom suspension lifts. Bigger lift with stock ride quality

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